Wednesday, October 26, 2016

REVIEW: StrideBox

I was contacted a while back by the folks over at StrideBox to do a review of their product. I have tried subscription boxes in the past and think they are a super awesome idea so obviously jumped at the opportunity to give theirs a go. I love that you get an assortment of goodies which arrive at your door {or in your mailbox} once a month.


Each StrideBox contains an assortment of sample and full-size products from a variety of companies and brands. The box includes, but it's not limited to: nutritional bars, gels, drinks, snacks, apparel, gadgets, skincare and hygiene products, as well as other accessories.


The cost per box ranges from $15-20, based on the subscription option you select, and it includes free shipping to US addresses. For what you get in the box (averaging 7 items), this seems to be a very reasonable price. 

Thus far I have received four StrideBoxes - the goodness just keeps on coming! I thought I would do a quick recap of what was in each of them so you can get an idea of the types of items you can expect on a regular basis.

July StrideBox: 

July Contents: NUTRAPLEX - Energy and nutrition bar / GO CUBES - Chewable coffee / VOKE TAB - Chewable energy / VITALYTE - Electrolyte replacement drink {grape} / JUSTIN'S - Honey peanut butter / BOOSTER BLENDZ - Smoothie booster {herbal blend} / STRIDEBOX ESSENTIALS  - Inspirational hydration bottle

August StrideBox:

August Contents: RXBAX - Protein bar {chocolate sea salt} / GU ENERGY - Stroopwafel {satly's caramel} / NUTRIGARDEN - Beet boost drink {tart cherry} / BUFF BAKE - Peanut spread {red velvet} / THE CHIA CO - Chia shots {white chia seeds} / ALOE UP - Sunscreen {pro ultra sport SPF 30}

September StrideBox:

September Contents: RAW REV GLO - Bar with superfoods / NATURE NATE'S - All natural honey / GLUKOS - Energy drink {lemon} / PROTES - Protein snacks {zesty nacho} / PRINCE OF PEACE - Ginger honey tea crystals and candy / LIGHTLOAD TOWELS - Compressed towels / STRIDEBOX ESSENTIALS - Double pocket running belt

October StrideBox:

October Contents: NEW GROUNDS - Coffee bar / SPORT BEANS - Extreme / EVOKE FOODS - Muesli {athlete fuel} / TAILWIND - Endurance fuel {berry} / SPORT TEA - Daily energy tea / PJUR ACTIVE - 2Skin {anti chafing gel} / RUNDANA - Stridebox anthology special edition

As you can see, the variety is great (it's not just all gels or funky hydration mixes). I would have to say there was at least one item per box that I was super stoked about (and had been eye-ballin' on my own to check out). Including a 'Stride Guide' is a great idea - and the fact that it tells you when (before, during or after a workout) to use the product is a HUGE plus. I was also thrilled to see that there was a recipe card and suggested workout included in each box. Pinterest is great, but having ideas from fellow runners right in the box is much appreciated. 

I have to be honest (since you know I am all about #KeepingItReal), I am a pretty boring gal... When I find what works for me, I tend not to stray too far from it. StrideBoxes are helpful because it isn't a huge commitment (the price point is very doable and you can either select a specified quantity or cancel your month-to-month subscription whenever you would like) and it can open your world up to products that you never even thought to try before. 

Obviously, you are the best judge as to whether this subscription box is right for you. If you are the type of runner who tries the freebies you get in a runner's bag or at a race expo, then this is probably right up your alley. If you are set in your ways and never veer from your tried-and-true products, then this would probably leave you with a cupboard full of goodies that you have the best intentions of using but may never actually try. (PS Neither type of runner is 'right' or 'wrong' - but knowing which category you fall in may help you decide whether a product like this is up your alley or not.)

Have you ever tried a subscription service (other than magazines) before?


Sandra Laflamme said...

I love Stride Box! Such a fun subscription for runners! Great review!

Unknown said...

Great review, I've been a subscriber since 2013. When I was deployed overseas, they would send me 5x what was in a normal box to share with co-workers.

Christy said...

How was the Stroopwafel?? I'm like you and don't stray far from my "regulars" but I also had no idea there was such a thing, and I'm a salty caramel GU gal.

Fun idea, I like the price point too.