Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites

HECK TO THE YES! WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY! I swear, some weeks it feels like this day will never get here... But now that it's here, I'm sure it'll fly by... Weird how that works, eh? Anywho, you know the drill, it's FRIDAY so it's time to share a few of my recent FAVORITES with some of my FAVE FOLKS in the InterWebs world - YOU! Let's do it, do it!

Handful Bras

Remember how I posted about the FLASH SALE going on right now?! {If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my post from Wednesday HERE.} Well, it ends TONIGHT! You do NOT want to miss getting your hands on a Handful bra for only $20! And, just in case you aren't 100% sure about them and don't want to simply take my word for it, there is FREE shipping (on orders over $25) and FREE returns... so, what's the harm in giving them a try?!

The Runner's Guide to Walt Disney World

One of my friends, Megan, wrote this book and it is now in it's FIFTH edition (it is updated annually seeing as runDisney and the Disney Properties are always changing - and she wants you to be as up-to-date with all of your info as possible!). I have the first edition and think this resource is a MUST for anyone running at WDW. It has information on everything from registration to hotels and resorts to meal plans and restaurants to running or spectating the races.

For the first month of the 2017 edition launch, they are including some fun added bonuses to make your runDisney race experience even more magical!
  • runDisney Dos and Don'ts eBook 
  • The Best of runDisney: Walt Disney World eBook (2017 edition) 
  • runDisney Race Weekend Packing List 
These bonuses are FREE if you purchase the paperback version of Magical Miles: The Runner's Guide to Walt Disney World before November 1. Order your copy, then claim your bonuses!


I posted on Monday about my need to step up my hydration game. So many folks jumped on board to either step up their water consumption, make (or break) another habit, or just continue to encourage me along in my journey. I love how the folks around me always want to see me succeed - YOU ROCK MY SOCKS! PS If you don't want to be held accountable for something, don't put it out for the InterWebs to see... cause they will keep hounding you about it (in a good way)! {And just in case you haven't been following along on my Instagram Stories, so far - so good! Approximately 100 ounces a day since Monday! SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!}

Can we take a second and all talk about how AWESOMESAUCE these unicorn slippers are?! As some of you may know, I qualified for the Boston Marathon almost three weeks ago. Well, with their 'mascot' being a unicorn (and a BQ being ever elusive and magical like a unicorn) a sweet friend sent me a pair of these slips as a way to say CONGRATS! They are AMAZEBALLS and you should put them on your Christmas list right now!

That's it for this week, but I'd love to hear what you are loving lately!

How's your water consumption going?

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San said...

Unfortunately I missed the start date of your water challenge, but drinking more water has been on my agenda
recently too...