Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SeaWheeze Countdown

Can you believe we leave for British Columbia and the SeaWheeze Half Marathon TOMORROW?! I can't... I feel like it has been months in the making yet I am so totally unprepared at the same time! But, let's start from the beginning.

January of 2015. I was registered to run the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World. We knew with the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend being so close to Christmas we would really only be able to go if we didn't go back to Michigan for the holidays and my parents agreed to meet in Orlando to celebrate Christmas a few weeks late. Thankfully they were AMAZING sports and even registered to run the 5K with me! Ryan was registered to run the 10K with me, but before the trip came around he found out that he would have to go to Canada for a photo shoot with work and would need to miss our vacation. Although he missed the festivities, he had a great time and said we HAD TO go back to visit.

Surfing off the coast of Canada in January can apparently be cold...
They ended up in Tofino and the hubby said it was a "must see" place! 

September of 2015. I had heard AMAZING things about the SeaWheeze Half Marathon and had the great idea to try and combine a race that I would love to run and a trip that the hubby would love to take. With Tofino being a small district on Vancouver Island, off Canada's west coast, I thought it would be the perfect plan to kill two birds with one stone. I cleared it with the hubby and then had to actually register for the race. Thankfully, after having registered for multiple runDisney races in the past, I was ready for the craziness that was the registration process (I think SeaWheeze sold out in less than 10 minutes, no exaggeration, it was super stressful but I was able to get in!).

January of 2016. Once the stress of registering had worn off it was time to actually plan the trip. We started looking into the logistics and realized that going to Tofino before the race would require at least a full day or two of travel, not to mention a decent chunk of change (I guess that is the difference when you are paying for your own vacation vs. traveling for work and having your company foot the bill). Although Tofino is still on our bucket list of places to go together, we had to scratch it from this year's SeaWheeze adventure. Even still, we were able to book flights and hotel so we would be in Vancouver from Wednesday through Sunday (with the race and Sunset Festival on Saturday).

This is just one of the stunning pictures that the hubby captured while in Tofino... If you were to look through them all you wouldn't
even question why we want to visit!

Today. We don't have many of the details worked out, but we have a ton of suggestions of places to visit, restaurants to eat at and a few must-do things on our itinerary. We fly out tomorrow afternoon and return to the States on Sunday evening - hopefully taking advantage of every moment we can in 'The True North'. I am sure there will be tons to share with you all when we get back, but for now, I must pack (and maybe get a little bit more of a game plan figured out)!

One of the "MUST DO's" while at SeaWheeze is the #WeRunSocial Meet-Up, DUH!

Also pondering an NP Pop-Up if I can get the hubby out of bed to rock it with me!

Have you ever been to British Columbia? 


Chelsea B. said...

Have fun! I have never been one to choose going North. I prefer to get as close to the equator as possible. :) How was the Dopey challenge??? I did the goofy challenge many years ago (before they even had the Dopey). I love Disney races, but they have gotten very very expensive over the years!

Kathleen said...

Best of luck! I have only been to Montreal as an adult.