Wednesday, August 24, 2016

November Project SeaWheeze Pop-Up

I have always wanted to go to a November Project workout (or ninety), but with the closest tribe being in San Diego and the drive being 45-60 minutes each way I haven't been able to justify making the trip (I mean, I could technically run 10 miles in the time I would be in the car).

Errrrr, pump the breaks! Do you even know what November Project is?! Hopefully you do, but just in case you don't, let me give you a quick explanation.


Well, when I saw that there was going to be a pop-up NP workout in Vancouver for SeaWheeze I knew it was my time to throw out a verbal and #JustShowUp!


I was able to talk the hubby into joining me (he was stoked that he was going to be able to use the "F" word in a positive way and do more than 'just run'). We set our alarms for bright and early Friday morning (NP workouts start at 6:29am) and got as much rest as possible.

We were about a 25 minute walk from the Olympic Cauldron so left shortly before 6am. The sun was rising and it was a gorgeous morning (although I wish we could have left the humidity down in SoCal rather than bringing it with us).

The crew was already there when we arrived so we gave out hugs (it's a November Project "thing") and were welcomed with open arms - even though it was our very first time.


When it was time to get started the tribe leaders did a little welcome (we couldn't yell since the neighbors complained in the past so we wanted to be respectful of them and their sleep) and we made our way out for a warm-up run.

You see, the Showcase Store for SeaWheeze was set to open at 7am that morning and people had been waiting in line ALL NIGHT LONG! Like, legit, I had friends who were in line as early as 5pm (and heard that the line started as early as 10am Thursday morning). So, what's an NP tribe to do?! Run around the convention center high-fiving all of the anxious shoppers, that's what!


It was a ton of fun saying "good morning" and high-fiving all of the lulu lovers! Some of them were a bit sleep deprived and had no idea what was going on, but some were perky and getting in on the action.

Once we got in about a half mile of high-fives it was time to get down to business. The leaders let us know what the workout for the day would entail - backstreet boys push-ups, stairs, lunges, burpees to broad jumps, etc.


The workout sounded intense, especially for a runner (sure I cross-train and strength train once a week, but I would say the large majority of my workouts are straight running), but you are able to take everything at your own pace so I wasn't too terribly worried.



The first couple rounds went well, but about halfway through the workout I could tell I was going to be super sore the following day (thankfully I had already decided I was going to take it easy for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon). I mean, literally, I think I did more push-ups and burpees in those 50 minutes than in my prior 31 years of life.


The workout was awesome, but wanna know what was even better?! The camaraderie! The tribe is so encouraging and positive it is AMAZING! If you have been around these parts for long, you know I love encouraging and attempting to inspire those around me. Well, this was a whole group of people who were doing this for an entire workout! I don't know that I've ever been that stoked to do burpees and lunges in my life.


After we finished the first workout the broke into groups of three (Ryan and I added Lauren to make three) and did another quick circuit - including hollow bowls, reaching planks and running stairs.

Photo Cred: Lauren

Let's just say that although it was a blast, my body was screaming for it to be done. We worked a ton of muscles, got in a great sweat (thanks to the workout and humidity) and smiled and cheered one another on along the way.


And who doesn't love finishing a workout by running through a tunnel of love?! I mean, come on now, SERIOUSLY!

Then it was time to tag some #grassroots gear! I figured since we were in Canada I should bring some cold weather gear, so I brought a long sleeve shirt. (And I love the way the tag was perfectly split over the zipper!) Ryan didn't bring an extra shirt so decided to tag his sweaty shirt he wore to the workout (thankfully the guys tagging didn't mind... or at least they were kind enough not to mention anything about the soggy factor out loud).

Ryan and I talked about how great of a time we had at the November Project workout for days afterwards! And we both mentioned that it there was a tribe closer we would definitely make it part of our weekly routine (here's to crossing our fingers that we get a North County tribe at some point).

Even though I was sore for days after the workout, it was something that not only my body needed, but it was something my soul needed! If you ever have the opportunity to check out a November Project workout I would strongly urge you to give it a go and see what all the hype is about (because I promise you that it will go above and beyond your expectations)!

So I just have one final question, you good?


Breathe Deeply and Smile said...

YAY SO happy you came to your first NP workout and loved it! The workouts are fun and tough all at the same time. It's the best but sucks if there isn't a tribe super close. Find a fit friend to get hooked and start one near you :)

Holly said...

I would TOTALLY do the NP if they had a north county meet up!!

Justin Kanoya said...

Glad a fellow San Diegan was a part of your first NP workout. You need to at least come to an SD one just to get the waves tag. Your half zip is so crispy perfect!