Wednesday, August 3, 2016

REVIEW: ROLL Recovery R3

If you are a runner, you have probably heard about a new company that recently broke into the running realm - ROLL Recovery. Their mission is to bring thoughtfully designed products to the market to keep endurance athletes moving (sounds right up our alley, right?!).


I had originally heard about ROLL Recovery on Instagram when I saw some friends using these strange contraptions to 'roll' their legs. These rollers looked like a bunch of roller blade wheels hooked together on some sort of pressure gadget. Even though I have only heard AMAZING things about this new thingamajig, the price tag has kept me away thus far. (Although it "takes the work out of foam rolling" the $119 price tag has a lot of sticker shock. But don't get it twisted, it is staying on my Christmas list for when Santa sees what a good girl I've been this year.)


With that said, I haven't been able to try out the R8 (named for the number of rollers on the apparatus), but was sent an R3 to give a whirl. Now, the R3 is not a roller for your legs (although you could technically use it as one), but is specifically designed to tackle Plantar Fasciitis. Knock on wood, but I have been blessed to not have to deal with PF thus far in my running career (PRAISE THE LORD because from people who I've talked to that have dealt with it, it sounds like it's the PITS!). Even still, I knew that this foot roller would come in handy.

If you've been around these parts of the Interwebs a while, you know I take my recovery pretty seriously (especially since when I started running I had a flare up from an angry IT Band due to never cross training, strength training, stretching or rolling). I do my darnedest to foam roll and stretch religiously before bed (if not more often during the day).


In my arsenal of rolling goodies I have an M80 Roller (which I will sing praises for from the mountain tops until I am blue in the face), a Stick (I prefer to use the stick on my calves because I don't feel as though I can get enough pressure into them when only foam rolling), an Orb (I use this to really dig into hard to reach spots, specifically my outer booty) and a golf ball. Yup... I use a golf ball to roll my feet. [PS If you're interested, I have a post from a couple years ago about my rolling regimen complete with videos that you can check out HERE.]

Well, when I received the R3 I knew my golf ball would be a thing of the past. Like I mentioned, I haven't had to deal with Plantar Fasciitis, but I'd rather be proactive than reactive, so one can never be too careful. The R3 is designed to target specific areas of the foot to stretch the plantar fascia and intrinsic foot muscles to reduce soreness from tired feet.


With all of the training I am doing (even though I don't currently have a goal race on the schedule), you better believe that my feet are T-I-R-E-D by the end of the day. The R3 has been a welcomed tool into my recovery routine. I love that you are able to vary the pressure you use based on the day and how your feet feel (although I normally prefer to dig in and really roll the crap out of my body #HurtsSoGood). The harder the surface is that you are rolling on, the stiffer the R3 will feel (I prefer rolling on hardwood or cement over carpet, but that is totally just personal preference).

This is a compact, light weight tool you can easily throw in your running bag or keep in your car locker so you have it handy to roll out your 'dogs' once you're done pounding the pavement (or thrashing the treadmill ;)). And with its small size, it is perfect for your carry-on when you are traveling to that upcoming racecation! #SmallButMighty

I usually don't roll with socks on, but feet are nasty so because I don't wanna see yours, I abide by the golden rule and won't subject you to having to look at mine ;) But if rolling in your socks is comfortable for you, GO FOR IT! (I'd suggest wearing PRO Compressions so you can #KeepItTight and they won't bunch up when you're getting your roll on.)

If you are interested in picking up an R8R3 and StretchMat (because #GoBigOrGoHome), you can use code R8R3SM to save 10% on your package (you also receive free shipping on all orders over $100 from


And if you don't follow ROLL Recovery on your fave social media platform, add them today to stay in the know!


Have you ever dealt with Plantar Fasciitis? How do you care for your feet?


Jodi said...

I love foot massages and have quite a few things to help! Calf stretching actually helps my arches feel better and so does making sure I have proper support in all my shoes. Keep on rolling Carlee!

Farber @ Foot Pain Relief said...

R3 Orthopedic Foot Roller is one of the best investments I ever made with my money. Works much better than a foam roller or massage stick. . Use it daily on my feet and even as a small body roller.