Saturday, March 5, 2016

Workout Recap - Week 10

Sunday, February 28th – 3 mile run with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Monday, February 29th – Strength Training (abs, back, legs and arms), 5 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Tuesday, March 1st –  SICK DAY [literally was only awake for maybe 6 hours total]

Wednesday, March 2nd – SICK DAY, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Thursday, March 3rd –  4 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Friday, March 4th –  12 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Saturday, March 5th –  19.5 mile bike ride, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Although I am still in the thick of marathon training (yep, I've got another at the end of April), I needed to take a couple extra days for rest this week. Actually, I think if I wouldn't have gotten sick (some sort of NASTY stomach thing), I probably would have kept chugging right along, so maybe the bout with the bug was a blessing in disguise. I'd say I'm feeling about 95%, hopefully the extra maxin' and relaxin' this weekend will do a body good!

How were your workouts this past week?

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Samantha said...

Sorry to hear about you getting sick - that is no bueno. This week was actually probably one of my stronger weeks - for the most part. Could have done some work in the nutrition area one day, but other than that I hit all the miles I was supposed to and have continued to challenge myself as far as times and other things.

I also made sure to cross train and take rest day as prescribed which is sometimes really hard for me to do! Glad to hear you're feeling 95% now!