Monday, October 12, 2015

PSAs For The Day

It seems as though common sense is not so common these days, so I figured I'd put together a short list of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that may help folks out... These are just a few things I observed from today's run.

#1: "On Your Left"

When you hear someone say "On your left", this means "Hey there friend, I am coming up behind you and am on your left. I'd super appreciate it if you would please move over to your right so that I can pass by you safely. Thanks so much". It does NOT mean "Yo. Stop exactly where you are, turn around, and stare blankly at me."


I will always try my hardest to go around people and not force them to change what they are doing. There are times, though, where I am coming up from behind and cannot get around safely (whether that is because there is more than one person walking next to each other and taking up the whole walkway, someone is weaving back and forth and I'm not sure if they will zig when I go to zag, or someone is walking with a dog and I don't want to startle them or get wrapped up in the leash).

(I have tried clearing my throat, running loudly, saying "Excuse me", etc, but we always end up dancing around while trying to figure out which way the other is going. At least with "On your left" I am telling you where I am going {and hoping you go the opposite way}.)

#2: Stop The Catcalls

I don't know if EVER, like in the history of mankind, has someone heard a catcall being yelled at them from a car and that person thought "Wow. I MUST meet that person immediately and date them". Like, really, has anyone ever met someone by screaming at them?


People are not pieces of meat, property, or just something to be ogled. I am not out running for your viewing pleasure. And whether you think the things you are yelling are compliments or not, I don't need them - SO STOP!

#3: Don't Be A Creeper

This one sort of goes with the last one, but is a little more detailed. Do not look someone up and down. It doesn't matter if they are running, walking, laying on the beach, fully clothed, wearing something provocative or wearing nothing at all. People are not pieces of meat, property, or something to be ogled.


I don't know if the person doing the looking thinks the lookee should be flattered when it happens, but it is just plain creepy. And, golly gee, if you just can't control yourself and you are going to do it, at least make sure you are wearing sunglasses and do not move your head as you are doing it so it is not as noticeable.

And, now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

Have you run into any of these "issues" recently?


Unknown said...

Uggggh the cat-calling. Worst. Ever.

KookyRunner said...

I hate the cat-calling!

During a few races I've had to say on your left a few times and people never move. So annoying!

Bain said...

Yes! These things! I once saw a polite runner passing who yelled "On your left!" while proceeding at a steady clip. The persons she warned ranted back, "I paid just as much to be on this course as you did, and I have every right to be here, you're no better than I am" and on and on and on. I was shocked!!! Running is a lot like driving--slow stay to the right, pass on the left, don't randomly come to a dead stop in the middle of the road.

Ana said...

Can we add that people on bikes don't attempt to push runners out of the way? It's been a close call with bikers on a few trails... Share the road/trail!