Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorites: Instagram

A BIG thanks to everyone who entered my 1:Face Watch Giveaway from last week's Friday Favorites. They are an AWESOME company doing AMAZING things, so I am stoked to have gotten so many people interested in what they are doing. I wish you all could have won, but if you weren't the lucky one, hopefully you still place an order soon (how about one for you and one for a friend?)!

Unfortunately this week's Friday Favorites does NOT include a Giveaway... {Hopefully I didn't lose all my readers with that sentence...} But technically my favorite thing is FREE (unless you want to buy the company as a whole... if that is the case, I hear it is a pretty penny BIG chunk of change), so it is sort of like I am giving it to each and every one of you. (I'm a glass half FULL kind-of girl ;))

This week's Friday Favorite is INSTAGRAM! Now obviously this is not a new app, but even still, it holds a special little place in my heart on my iPhone. 


You see, I have Fibromyalgia. Along with my body being in a constant state of pain, I also get some other wonderful craptastic symptoms, one of which is terrible memory. They coined the phrase "Fibro Fog" for it... call it what you will, it stinks!

I love taking pictures, which is why Instagram is so great. Obviously not all my pictures are award winning, but they serve a purpose. They are documenting life. With my memory, I am slightly worried that if I don't document things going on then I will totally forget they happened. My thought process is that even if I forget the specific memory, maybe having images could help to "jog" my brain or at least I'll be able to fake that I remember :). 


My last count (as of this morning) has me at 1,099 posts to Instagram (meaning I have posted almost 1,100 pictures). I think I "joined" the Instagram world back at the end of 2012 (when I upgraded my flip phone to a hand me down, hand me down iPhone), so it looks like I'm averaging approximately 2 pictures a day - not too shabby. 

I think what I like most about Instagram (as opposed to other forms of social media) is you can actually SEE what is going on in other people's lives. (Not to mention you don't have to read... hey, sometimes lazy wins out :) ) I love being able to encourage other after their workouts, celebrate along with teams' victories, and cheer on friends after their races (or sometimes even during the race, thanks to folks getting good at mid-race selfies :)) - and I don't even have to be in the same state as them. It's like we are all along for each other's adventure and I'm so stoked to be there for the ride! 

Do you have Instagram? Do you love it? What is your handle? 


Kimberley@Black Dog Runs the World said...

LOVE IG! I see it as a lazy girl's way to be nosy, lol! And yes, I'm one of those annoying puppy moms who thinks every look the Wonder Mutt gives me is award winning. :) szzllips

Anonymous said...

Insta is my favorite form of social media BY FAR. @runningsouthern

The Silent Assassin said...

I'm an insta fan too. I have other reaches like twitter and FB...which truth be told I suck at. but C, you know that =). It's easier to get 'friends' on IG than it is on twitter and FB. Hey I follow you @runningsouthern... i'm @daSilentAssassin see, even with that kind of name, I get more followers in IG than the other 2 reaches. I hate selfies...

Unknown said...

Yeah, I would have to say Instagram is my favorite too! I've always loved what better than a social media, that embraces that! True story, I started using it by accident. I just wanted the filters for my pictures...had no idea what it was, at the time.

Ok, anyway my name is Alicia, aka dishouttawater! I think we met, sort-of, at the ProCompression shakeout run, for RnRSD! Nice to meet you ;)

Oh, and hey...Congrats!! I was just accepted as a Sparkly Soul Ambassador too!! <3

Rick Stiles said...

My Instagram handle is RickStiles (original, isn't it?), but I don;t post much.

I don't give unasked for medical advice either, but I have to make an exception on the very very remote chance it may help. My daughter suffered from fibro pretty severely until she made 2 changes: She went gluten-free when she was diagnosed with celiac disease (which I also have), and she discovered exercise. Within a month, she was a completely different person! Obviously, she still has fibro and has some bad days, but is now capable of living on her own and has become a certified physical trainer. I know you exercise, but if you haven't been tested for celiac, please consider it. It may make a difference

Tracy said...

Love me some Instagram! I'm currently 20 days into the 100 Happy Days challenge, and it's awesome to see that every day has one happy moment!

P.S.-I'm hoopsfreak03 in the Instaverse, but you probably already knew that. 😉

Jenn @ Happy Hour Miles said...

I love Instagram! I already follow you... I'm @HappyHourMiles :)