Monday, June 9, 2014

Would You Rather...

Last night I participated in a Twitter Chat with #VegRunChat (it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have had a Sunday night free and been able to jump into the conversation).


The chat was in a different format than normal - more questions, but ones that had multiple choice answers. Most of them were "this or that" type questions.

I thought it was fun, so figured WHY NOT MAKE A BLOG POST OUT OF IT?! 

Some of the questions below are from last night's chat and some are ones that I made up.


Here goes...

Would you rather: A) Finish a race & still feel good; B) Finish with a PR; or C) Finish a race while having fun?

For me, I wish there was a D) All of the Above! Of course finishing a race with a Personal Record is always AMAZING, but I think what is most important is HAVING FUN! I want to be able to walk away from any race I do with a smile on my face and want to run it again! I guess a PR is just icing on the cake :)

To progress your running, would you rather: A) Learn from a coach; B) Learn from practice; or C) Go to a running camp?

I would LOVE to not pay a dumb tax if I can prevent it, but at the same time, I tend to learn easier/ quicker from doing something myself rather than being told what to do. I think in the near future, though, that I will enlist the help of a coach (hint hint Krissy).

On race day, would you rather forget your: A) Sunglass; B) Food; C) Watch; or D) Socks?

Although I say running isn't about the time or the PRs, I think I would be most upset about forgetting my watch on race day. Sure I can "run naked" on a training run or two, but ask me to race without a watch and you might as well cut off one of my feet (okay, okay, I know that sounds dramatic, but if I have been training for a race I want to see how my preparation has paid off on race day).

Is it more important that you: A) Enjoy your sport of choice or B) Get physical results from your sport of choice?

Personally, this one is easy. If I can't smile while I am doing something, it isn't worth my time. I want to ENJOY IT, otherwise I won't stick with it.

Would you rather: A) Live in a warm and sunny environment but not be able to run or B) Live where it snows or rains every day?

Although I LOVE running, I MUST say I'd live in a warm and sunny environment and never run again. I have Fibromyalgia and the cold/ bad weather KILLS me. I think if I lived in a place where it rained or snowed daily I wouldn't be able to physically run anyway, so I might as well live in the sunshine.

Would you rather: A) Run in hot humidity (with no sun) or B) Run in hot sun (with no humidity)?

I was pondering this one during today's run. Currently we are experiencing "May Gray" / "June Gloom", where the marine layer tends to stick around ALL DAY and just won't burn off. I really dislike the humidity and think I would have to opt for hot sun because at least I would get a tan and be able to breath a little easier :).

After a hard workout, would you rather drink: A) Chocolate Milk; B) Water; C) A sports drink; or D) Beer?

Give me a big glass of ice cold water! I have heard about the benefits of chocolate milk after working out, but for me, "milk... you were a bad choice" :) (not to mention chocolate isn't my jam). I have never had pee to drink, but the smell of beer makes me think of drinking pee - NO THANKS!

I'd love to hear your answers! Feel free to post them in the comments or even do a similar blog post and send me the link :) 

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Anonymous said...

Carlee, I love how you made a post out of this! I thought the chat was a lot of fun too, and we'll have to do it again sometime soon.

Okay.. okay.. I gotta answer your last question on here - Chocolate Milk, Water, Sports Drink, or Beer.

For me, chocolate milk and beer aren't an option. No milk cause I'm vegan, and no beer because no one wants to see me when I drink (trust me). Sports drink usually contains too much junk, unless I could use a Nuun tab in some ice-cold water. So I guess I gotta pick water. It's what I always go for anyway!