Sunday, February 17, 2013


Ryan and I went down to Mission Valley with some friends on Friday night. We went down for dinner and a movie. We decided to try out Stacked - a snazzy new (or at least new to us) restaurant. Our friends had been there before, but this was our first time. The big 'thing' is that you do all your ordering on an iPad. There aren't really waitresses and waiters, more just servers. You get to do all your ordering (even for drink refills and discounted movie tickets) right from the iPad on the table. Ryan had a build-your-own burger (veggie patty with a fried egg, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, pickles, and stacked sauce) and I built my own pizza (red onions, grilled mushrooms, roasted garlic and basil). The guys shared some chips and sweet potato fries. It is cool when you build your own things too, because when you add the different toppings you can see how it effects your price. We also had a yummy ice cream sandwich for dessert (you can pick the type of cookies and ice cream - you can even do a different cookie for the top and bottom) - we went traditional with two chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream. The food was scrum-didily-umptious and the atmosphere was cool.

It is a decent drive to get down there (especially on a Friday night), but hey, the food, movie and especially the company made it well worth it. I don't know if we would head down there just for the restaurant, but if we are ever down that way we would definitely hit it up again.

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