Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cleaning The Garage

Yesterday Ryan and I decided to tackle the garage. We spent a good 4 hours or so cleaning, organizing, down-sizing, etc. Not that we have a lot of stuff in the garage, but it often gets neglected and stuff just gets jammed in wherever there is empty space (not to mention Ryan has a billion surfboards, skateboards, art projects, motorcycle [with spare parts], golf clubs, etc). We are in the process of looking for an Adventure Mobile, so we thought we would really try to go through everything we had.

We were actually able to donate about a half a truck bed full of stuff that we no longer needed. We also went over to Lowes to pick up some new storage tubs to get everything organized (one tub for paint, one tub for tools, one tub for snowboarding gear, one tub for Christmas decor, one tub for water sports, etc).

I think we did a pretty great job! And hopefully soon we will have sold the motorcycle and have even more real estate to work with in there.

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