Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Easy" 10

Yesterday after work I went out to run an 'easy' 10 miles. By easy I mean I was going to run it at a slow tempo, taking it nice and easy. The weather was perfect - especially for the First of February! 70*s and sunny with a slight breeze - superb (I guess that is why I live in Sunny SoCal :) ).

Last week was pretty rough at work (the last week of the month and the first week of the month are crazy for me), full of frustrations. I kept looking at my Garmin, trying to keep a slow pace, but I guess my 'running angry' just got the best of me.

I think my first 7 miles were all around 9:20 pace, and my last 3 were slightly slower around 9:40 pace. I was shooting for 10 minutes or slower (probably between 1:40 and 1:50) per mile, so I guess I sort of missed that. I guess my aggression got the best of me - but hey, at least it was still a solid work out :) Just not what I was expecting when I tied my running shoes.

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