Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Running 'coach' [Check out my blog post here if you haven't read it yet. Although I am NOT excited about taking 30 days off, I am excited to be able to train properly and so that I can run forever (not meaning I could run for 3 years without stopping, but that I can run for many, many years to come). Not to mention, I will be thrilled to be injury free (crossing my fingers).]

Craigslist [We are in the process of selling some stuff - you know, 'spring cleaning' time - and we really have had great success with this site. Obviously you need to be extremely careful when you are potentially inviting strangers to your home - which is why Ryan normally has his knife within reach (haha). Our local Craigslist is great, and I think it is mostly because we have a marine base about 5 minutes from here, which means folks are always getting deployed or stationed somewhere new and either selling or looking for items all the time]

Fresh fruits and veggies [I can eat salads just about every day - which we have been lately because the veggies look so yummy. Not to mention bringing an apple or three with me to work to munch on. And the strawberries have been on sale at the grocery store as well - DELISH! Oh, one day I hope I can just grow all of my own fruits and veggies, but until that day I will still take great joy in the work of the other farmers']

American Express [This one takes a little more explaining :). Ryan's credit card number was stolen last week (apparently, since the charges started rolling in around Friday). I try and check our banking information about every other day. I saw on Monday that we had about $400 in charges from places in Florida (including Dave & Busters, McDonalds, gas stations, etc). We called AMEX right away when we noticed it. The apologized that they didn't catch it for us, and told us that they would overnight Ryan a new card that day and get all of the charges refunded. Yesterday we already had all of the credits back on our card. We noticed that two more charges posted Monday after we called, so we called them up again and they handled it right away for us. It is CRAPTASTIC that there are people in the world that try to steal from you, but it is nice to know that we work with a company that will back us 110% and give us back everything that is owed to us.]

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