Saturday, June 23, 2012

Campfire Treats

We have been doing campfires frequently this summer (I think last night's was number 3 in about 4 weeks :) ) - which really makes me want a yard of my own so we can host the party sometimes! Anyway, we were thinking of desserts to do (instead of the standard s'mores) and of course pinterest came to mind! I said, what about Campfire Cones?!

Katrina also was doing a little googling and saw that you can make pies in a can, which made her think that we could do chocolate chip calzones (sort of like the ones at Claim Jumper). [we didn't totally get the heating process down on these, so they may or may not have been winners...]

I also said we could try the Banana Boats (I doubt that is what they are called, but the name is stuck in my head).

So we headed to the store and go the ingredients - chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, sugar cones, strawberries, bananas, and biscuits. And then went to the fire.

Our first try of both the cone and the calzone were DISASTROUS! We left them in for way too long and they turned to crispy critters (thankfully we have no pictures - I think we were slightly embarrassed of the outcome).

We finally figured out the 'right' way to do them and they were yummy! We really did have a blast! Some of the pictures are below. (And yes, I know they are all super blurry - you can tell my photog thanks later if you see him... grrrr)

The ingredients

We put them in their own containers so people could mix in what they wanted in their cones

Then we mixed the stuffings together in a bowl

We thought it would be easier to get a good mixture rather than trying to layer it

Oh crazy ladies!

Ryan made a ""cocoon""... It was a biscuit around chocolate strawberries and bananas. It was in the shape of a cocoon... (or a 'brown trout'). He even had hangers at each end of the foil so he could rotate it in the fire.

Thumbs up

Ryan wasn't short on fire pictures... just our creation shots I guess...

The banana boat (okay, it looked a lot better in the pinterest picture, but that was before it went into the fire to melt, right?!

Yep, another photo of the flames

Well, Ryan is the fire whisperer, so I guess it makes sense :)

And yes, I do realize my photog also didn't take any pictures of our delicious cones... oops... thanks Sammy... I guess there is always next time!!

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