Monday, June 18, 2012

Running Hiatus

This afternoon I met with my boss about my running. [Now before you think this is weird, like I just talk to everyone about my knee, I have to say, he is a very talented and trained athlete. He runs marathons (and WINS), does triathlons (and WINS), etc. So he knows what he is talking about - not to mention has been my boss for about 4 years and I have really come to trust and value his opinion (not just on running either)]. I told him about my IT band and what I was planning on doing about it. He had me tell him everything and asked me questions for about 30 minutes or so. I let him know that I was disappointed, but that I was happy because my doctor said that I could keep running.

He asked me if I wanted his opinion - which obviously I said I did. First he said that I should scratch this season and just consider it a loss. He told me to I should take off 30 days of no running. I should find something else to do (biking, lifting weights, etc). He said that once I start up again we could work on changing my form (running on my toes instead of heal striking).

We talked for a few minutes and then he asked me what I was planning on doing. I chuckled and said that I was going to go run on the beach. He said, that if I was planning on doing that, and if I was just running to say that I completed my goal, he would suggest that I find a half marathon in the next couple weeks and run it then and then take off 60 days or so (because he said he would rather I hurt myself for a shorter period of time and then take off a longer time to rest).

We talked for a little longer about how I needed to change my focus to a more long term one. If I am just running to finish a goal, that is one thing, but if I am running because I want to enjoy running and have it be my 'thing' then I need to think of things differently.

I asked him if he thought that if I took off 30 days if I could still run my race - since I would technically have 1.5 months before the race. He said we could do it. So we are going to plan everything out next week. I am going to print off a calendar and we are going to schedule my workouts between now and the race. Now I won't be running for the next month, but we will still be doing gym work outs (like elliptical, exercise bike, and lifting weights).

Honestly, I think I am slightly nervous. I am worried that taking off a month is going to really hurt my chances of running and finishing my race. I am also worried that the training schedule that we set up will kick my butt. But, I do want to be able to run for the rest of my life. And not have to worry about injuries. So here's to taking the advice, sticking to a plan, and working through the hiccups along the way.


Courtney Cullen said...

Hey! I have been following your running updates and thought I'd share a little about what I went through in my running journey. I know that everyone is different and different things work for different people, but I thought I'd at least share :)
SO, I had really bad shin splints, and had my ACL replaced a few years ago. Running was painful! I would take ibprofen and numb my painful areas then go out and run and afterwards just walking was painful. Just like your boss said, a lot of it was in my stride and where my foot was striking. Well, I am sure that you have heard me talk about my five finger shoes before :)...those are what changed my life. I did a lot of research on them and read a whole book about them, learning that they let us be how God designed us to be. God designed our feet to take all of our impact when we run. The guy that designed these shoes spent a lot of time studying a tribe that are some of the fastest runners, and they run barefoot. He figured out that what we do is protect/support our feet too much. When we have pain, we go to the running store and they give us insoles or more supportive shoes. Which is the complete opposite of what we need or how we are supposed to run! I did this, and it did nothing for me. When we have all that support under our feet our back ends up taking the impact, or in our case..our knees/shins :) SO I decided to give the five fingers a go. The first month or so was so weird! They made me calves really tired because they were COMPLETELY changing my stride..naturally. BUT I wasn't in pain, so I kept at it! Three years later I can run miles with no pain, and haven't had pain since I have started running with these shoes. Shea runs in them too now, and so do a lot of my friends. The coolest thing (for me at least lol) just happened the other day. I was running in Australia with my dad and he said, "wow court, your stride looks great and your speed is great." That was a big compliment for me coming from my dad (and my brother) who are crazy runners and triathletes.
I don't race in my five finger shoes. They make me 45 seconds/60 seconds slower per mile. I train in them, and do maybe 2-3 runs a month in my Nike Frees (which mimic the barefoot running but have a little more spring causing me to be somewhat faster). That is why I race in them.
SO...I just wanted to share (you may have already heard me talk about them) because who knows, they might work for you :) It's worth a try, right?! I know how frustrating to not be able to run when you want to so badly! I'm sorry :(

Carlee McDot said...

Hey girl! Thank you so much for taking the time to send over that message through my blog yesterday!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

First – is the book you are referencing ‘Born To Run’? One of my other friends mentioned this book and it sounded similar to the premise that you were explaining, so thought I would see if it was the same one ☺.

Next – Ryan does have Vibrams and likes them. I have thought about it, but haven’t really made the switch or commitment yet ☺. Do you feel like those shoes have helped you run on your forefoot more? My boss (aka ‘coach,’ hehe) said that I have great form for a heel striker… But obviously wants to try and change my form to run on my toes rather than my heels. I was just wondering, when you mentioned that your dad said you had great form was because of your striking or other things.

Last – when do you guys get back?! We need to hang out soon! It has been WAY too long!

Safe travels!! And THANKS AGAIN! I always LVOE any and all suggestions that people have, so really know that I appreciate your time and comments!!

Thanks again!!