Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Matthew Man's Birthday

Today is our nephew, Mr. Matthew Man's 4th birthday (yep, he was born on my mom's 50th birthday - pretty easy to remember :) ). We weren't able to be there to jump in his bounce-house this year, but maybe next year :). I may be slightly partial, but I think he is the coolest 4 year old nephew I have ever had!

We got to ride in the coal train at the Mormon gold mining extravaganza 

Celebrating Matthew's 3rd birthday with him (he was more focused on the food than us)

Making doughnuts at the local shop in Cheboygan with Mr. Matthew Man

We were acting like Bigfoot

Fun faces at the CRAZY house in Destin for Christmas

I think he will give his Aunt Carlee a run for her money with the silly faces, what do you think?! 
"Smiling" on the beach

Someone didn't want to ride their bike, so someone else had to ride it home... You guess who is who in this story :)

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