Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yankee Doodle Dinghy Parade

I realized I didn't really post pictures from our 4th of July exertions, so here goes :)

Monday morning we decided to go down to the pool for a couple hours. After that we decided we would ride our beach cruisers down to the Oceanside Harbor to watch the Yankee Doodle Dinghy Parade. We didn't know much about it, other than it was free, and the Oceanside Yacht Club puts it on. The website said that people decorate their dinghies, kayaks, and other floatables in festive 'attire' and drive around the harbor. We decided it was something we could check out :)

The Oceanside Harbor sign:

Our cruisers by the jetty:

Me sitting on my bike, checking out the boats and looking for the seals:

Our little patch of grass we found in the harbor... Waiting for the parade to start:

Some of the boats were really cool. And others just put a flag on theirs. But hey, if I had a dinghy, I would have been out there! Our favorite two were this double decker one:

And this one that looks like the dolphins are pulling the boat:

I told Ryan this one might be a mistake... I think they were British... Weren't the 'red coats' the enemy?!

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