Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home Pipes

Ryan had his first home improvement job this weekend. I mean we did paint the place when we moved in, but he hasn't had to do any real repair since we bought the condo last year.

Earlier this week we realized the the right side of our kitchen sink is not actually connected... This may be hard to explain, but the disposal is on the left hand side. We barely ever use the right and side of the sink. Well, Ryan and I decided to put a 'disposal cleaning tablet' in the left hand side (it is supposed to clean out the drain, get rid of any gross smells, etc). Well, you are supposed to let it tun with water in it for about 2 minutes until the foam turns from blue to white. We did that. Some of the foam backed up and started coming out of the right hand side of the sink (no biggie, it does that occasionally if we have too many bubbles on the left hand side). Well, we ran water down the right hand side for a bit to wash the bubbles away. I went to put the extra 'disposal cleaning tablets' under the sink and noticed that everything was wet. We pulled everything out and came to find out one of the pipes was leaking. Well, Ryan found that it was the pipe from the right hand side of the sink that was supposed to connect to the disposal pipe WAS NEVER REALLY CONNECTED! Like the pipe is a good half inch too short. I don't know if we have just never run water down that side, or never checked underneath (so if it was leaking it was dry by the time we saw it the next time), or what.

Friday we went over to Lowes and got a new pipe and a hack saw. Ryan cut the pipe down to the right size and got it all fixed up. Dad - maybe he is a plumber in the making :)

Oh golly gee - the never ending joys of being a homeowner, huh?!

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