Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alkaline Trio

Yesterday was a fun day. After work we met up with Kurt & Cheyenne at the Encinitas train station so that we could carpool down to San Diego for the Alkaline Trio concert. When we got down there we grabbed some dinner at The Field (an Irish pub). One of Kurt's friend's (Adam) met us there too.

[This is a picture of the stain glass upstairs that Ryan had to photo]:

After dinner we went over to The Melting Pot for some drinks and dessert fondue. Adam works as a server there so we got some awesome hook-ups and some delicious stuff! Once we finished with the yumminess we headed over to the House of Blues for the show. We caught a couple of songs by the Smoking Popes. They were super cool - I give them two thumbs up.

[Smoking Popes]:

Then Alkaline Trio was the main event. It was a super fun show. The band was rockin'. I am so glad that they have made it 15 years (this was their like 15 year celebration tour). I thought it was super cool that they played some stuff acoustic (and it rocked the house too).

We definitely had a good time and many laughs. We saw two girls fighting, Kurt almost got in a fight with "Snookie", the Comic Con crowd was already starting to gather for this weekend, there was a stage diver that was too nervous to jump off the stage and then the band was mocking him and couldn't finish the song because they were laughing too much, and I am sure there were many more highlights (on top of the show of course). Today may be rough though. Wednesday night concerts down in SD mean not getting to bed till 1am.... Maybe I am getting to old for this :)

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