Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ryan and I were out most of the day Sunday (11-5 at least) at the Weekend of Service. It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. We started by pulling weeds and re-edging the volleyball court (which gave me a big sliver that I finally had to dig out and cut out of my hand yesterday). Christa and I then were recruited to do some caulking in the upstairs bathroom around the tub, sink and toilet. Then, since we were pros by that time, hehe, we went downstairs and did caulking on the baseboards around the house. While I was working with Christa, Ryan was using a nail gun and putting up the baseboards around the house. We stayed an extra 3 hours or so, but it seems like it really helped (this was a high school project, but it seems like they needed more 'skilled' labor, so thankfully the guys in our growth group really came through and stuck it out for some extra hours). Anyway, below is the email I just got about what the church did as a whole. I am sure more pictures and more info will be added as the days pass, but thought I would post what we had thus far.


The Weekend of Service was a tremendous success! A huge thank you to all of the City Leaders, Project Managers, Team Leaders, and countless volunteers who spent the past weekend putting God’s love into action. Another big thank you to all of our corporate sponsors and contractors who donated time and materials to each project. Together, we made an enormous impact on our neighbors and organizations across North County! Many volunteers from Saturday’s shifts returned Sunday to help out at projects, and some morning volunteers stayed all day to ensure that projects were completed. What a great way to love our neighbors!

Some exciting numbers to share with you:

• Total number of volunteers? 5,279

• Total number of projects? 139

• Gallons of paint? 900+

• Tractors used to do the dirty work? 15

• Square yards of trash dumpsters filled? 181

• Pieces of lumber? 1,063

• Total financial impact of labor, materials, and costs for the entire event? $1,000,000+

• Total impact of putting Christ's love into action? Priceless...

Check out some of the pictures here.

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