Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Whoo hoo!! I bought our Christmas flight today!! We will be flying out on a red eye flight the night of the 23rd (Tuesday) and then flying back the night of the 28th (Sunday). Our lay overs are in Las Vegas and then Phoenix (Vegas on the way to Detroit and Phoenix on the way back). I am hoping that those will be good places to transfer, since they aren't really places that tend to get a lot of weather (unlike Chicago or Denver). We will actually be flying out of Santa Ana. I haven't flown out of there before, but I am hoping that it will be really nice (seeing as it isn't LAX or San Diego. I will keep you updated in case things change (it seems like whenever I am ahead of the game and order tickets more than 2 months before we use them something comes up and we have to change/ cancel/ reschedule/ etc. :)

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