Friday, November 2, 2007


So it is that time... I have to buy new tires. I have gotten 3 of the 4 patched since I have had my car (I bought it last July I think). The rear drivers side car has been patched 3 times and they won't patch it any more. When Ryan and I got back to my car on Monday after being in Michigan for the weekend it was totally flat. I have filled it up twice now since then and decided that I need to get new ones. I checked the tread (Ryan's Dad told me to put a penny in the tread to see if any of his head is missing, sorry if that doesn't make sense, all I know is I need new ones). My car is almost at 35,000 miles and I figure it's ready for the new tires. I set up an appointment tomorrow morning to buy all 4. It will be a dent in my pocket book, but I think it is needed (especially with all these people telling me that I could blow out my tire and get in an accident). I think I will also wash my car this weekend to get all the remaining egg off of it...

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