Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Disney Ashes?

Check out this article. Apparently it is a bigger problem than you may think, people dumping ashes of their loved ones at Disney or other privately owned properties.

Al Lutz, who runs and first posted reports of the incident Tuesday, said several e-mails indicated that this was a recurring problem at the park.

Disney officials said they were unaware of any confirmed ash-scattering incidents in the park, and they didn't believe it to be a problem. From time to time, guests do ask permission to disperse ashes on park premises. The answer, Doughty said, is always no.

Without written permission, it's a misdemeanor violation of the state Health and Safety Code to scatter human ashes on private property, although there's little that authorities can do to enforce the law. Officials say the ashes pose no health threat.

Increasingly, though, inspectors with the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of the state Department of Consumer Affairs are fielding calls from golf courses and other spots reporting people spreading ashes without permission.

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