Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Report

This past weekend was an enjoyable one. Saturday morning Ryan and I went to the beach by about 10:30. He surfed until about 12. After that we went to FatBurger (he took photos, so maybe if you loads them I'll add one) - of course I had a Boca Burger. After that he rented a beach cruiser and I used my bike and we cruised around. We rode from Ocean Beach down to Mission Bay area and just around all the little neighborhoods down there. It started out to be a cloudy and chilly day, but by the time we were on the bikes for about 20 minutes it really brightened up and turned out to be a great day. Then we went to the mall and got him some new earrings (surfing has caused him to lose some, seeing that it is just an o-ring holding them on). After that we headed to Mission Beach cause I wanted to take some sunset photos. Unfortunately it was still quite cloudy, so we didn't get to see much of the sunset, but here is a photo of Ryan with the pseudo-sunset we saw.

After that we went down to Little Italy near downtown and grabbed some dinner. There was a slight debauchel before dinner, because I hate driving and not knowing where I am going, so the drive turned out to be a slight downer before dinner, but we got over it. Here is a photo of me under the Little Italy sign. We couldn't really get any good ones, I think it had to do with the neon sign and not the photo taking abilities :).

Sunday we tried out a church by my house, SanDiegoChurch. It was nice, just very small. After church Ryan headed back up to Carlsbad cause he wanted to surf some more and I chilled around the apartment. I went to Ross and did a little shopping (cheap clothes are what I love) and then walked around Target. All-in-all it was a nice weekend with great weather!

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