Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Wowser. This bowl season has come out quite differently than I was expecting, and I'm sure much differently than most people were expecting. It all started with my Michigan Wolverines not showing up at the Rose Bowl, which was extremely sad. Along the way there were many exciting and interesting games. Then came the Championship game last night. Now being that I grew up on the border of Michigan and Ohio and that I went to and graduated from the University of Michigan, I can NEVER cheer for the Buckeyes. It is just the simple for me, if they are playing, I am rooting against them (sorry Meg :) ). Last night was slightly different though. After the shananagins with Florida snaking their way into the championship game, I was all up for the spanking that OSU was going to give to the Gators. I flipped on the game after I got home from work (games start much earlier out here on the West coast) and saw that wow, it is 7-7 already and it is still in the first 5 minutes of the game. I knew it would be a game to watch, so I kept flipping back and forth (between what you ask, GILMORE GIRLS, duh, the re-runs are on ABC Family every night). I was amazed at how the Gators were walking over the Buckeyes. Of course, I wasn't cheering for the Gators, because in my mind, we still should have been playing last night, but I sure as heck wasn't cheering for OSU. The craziness of the college football season came to a close last night with the Gators upsetting the Buckeyes 41-14 and I just had to laugh.

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