Friday, January 26, 2007


My mom called me this afternoon with news about my grandpa. He went to see he surgeon today and they told him that they would be fine to go ahead with the surgery (he will have to have his arteries in his neck fixed - they are 93% clogged). The final step will be Monday to meet with his normal doctor to get the stress test results and make sure he is healthy enough for the surgery. If he is healthy enough he will go in for surgery a week from today. Pray for him and the surgery if you think of it. My mom also told me that Cara (my cousin who got engaged on Christmas) set a date for her wedding. She will be getting married on September 29th, which is super exciting. I will be flying back to Michigan for the wedding. Then less than a month later Stacey will be getting married, October 27th. I was just looking @ flights for S&G's and they are in the $300's. I sure hope I can find some deals when it gets closer! At least the weather will be decent when I am going back (but then again, who knows with Michigan weather).

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