Sunday, May 7, 2023

Workout Recap - Week 18

Sunday, April 30th  3.3 mile run with friends

Monday, May 1st – Rest Day

Tuesday, May 2nd –  Rest Day

Wednesday, May 3rd – Rest Day

Thursday, May 4th – Rest Day

Friday, May 5th  Rest Day 

Saturday, May 6th – Rest Day

Yet another "this is not the week I was hoping to have" post... As you know, I came down with something a little over two weeks ago (I woke up two Wednesdays ago and my throat felt "burn-y", by Thursday I had started coughing and by Friday I had lost my voice... The following Monday I did a telehealth appointment and was prescribed some "pearls" to take for the cough [since that was legit the only symptom I really had]. Tuesday I went to Urgent Care because the coughing was terrible and I couldn't sleep. I was prescribed a steroid nose spray and told it wasn't COVID {I knew that since I was home testing} or strep, but that maybe it was an upper respiratory virus or even allergies [due to that fact that the rain this year has been more than we have seen since moving out in 2006]). I've gotta say, I'm stoked I didn't have other symptoms (no runny nose, no muscle aches, although I was extremely tired because I wasn't sleeping from the cough or trying to "sleep" sitting up), but my coughing can get pretty violent... So violent that I broke ribs... again... Yep, when I had COVID last year the cough was so bad that I broke three ribs and although I didn't get an x-ray this time, I am 99% sure I have had at least two broken ribs for the past week. Seeing as I was told that unless I was having shortness of breath (meaning the broken ribs had punctured a lung) there isn't anything they can do for broken ribs I have just been grinning and bearing it (or at least trying to). The cough, thankfully, stopped around Thursday of this week (two weeks after it started), but the voice is still iffy and the ribs hurt whenever I do ANYTHING (take a step, twist, even breath). With that said I took this week off from running and will probably take another week or two off. Last time this happened I took a full four weeks off (the final four weeks before my 100-miler), but here's to hoping they heal faster than that this time... PS I know I absolutely sound like a broken record when I say "hopefully next week I'll be back at 100%", but one day it's gotta be the case, right?! 

How were your workouts this past week?

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