Sunday, June 20, 2021

Workout Recap - Week 25

Sunday, June 13th – 13.13 mile run

Monday, June 14th – 8.08 mile run

Tuesday, June 15th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Wednesday, June 16th – 10.10 mile run

Thursday, June 17th – Rest Day

Friday, June 18th – 10.10 mile trail run with the hubby

Saturday, June 19th – 5.25 mile trail run with the hubby

The hubby and I were up on Mammoth for the second half of the week and taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather, amazing trails and camp vibes ;) Technically this week was Week 1 of our new training plan. The plan called for 2 miles on Tuesday, 2 miles on Wednesday, 2 miles on Thursday, 8 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. (I figured as long as I was getting "at least" the mileage in, it would be okay if I am not following the plan to a T.) Since we would be traveling back home on Sunday, the hubby said we should shift up the longer runs to Friday and Saturday (so we wouldn't have to worry about running when we got home Sunday afternoon) and hit the trails. We had looked into some new-to-us trails for the trip, so picked two of them (an 10.10 miler to replace the 8 miles on the plan {Valentine Lake Trail to Sherwin Lake} and a 5.25 miler to replace the 6 miles on the plan {Mammoth Rock Trail}) for the runs. Running at elevation (almost 10,000 feet above sea level) is no joke - trying our best to suck oxygen! Since the trails aren't flat we hiked the uphills and ran the downhills... well, except for the mile we were stuck BEHIND A BEAR! Yup, on our run on Saturday the hubby and I ran up on a bear. We tried to scare it off the trail, but it was happy slowly strolling along ahead of us... so we followed at a very safe distance behind until it turned off the route we were following. Definitely not a standard run and very memorable!

How were your workouts this past week?

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