Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sarah Marie Design Studio Ambassador

Seeing as the title already let's the cat out of the bag {wait, I know I'm not a cat person, but why is there a cat in the bag to begin with?!}, so I might as well come out and say it... It's official - I am an ambassador for Sarah Marie Design Studio!

I've been a fan of SMDS for like... EVER! Although, to be honest, recently the hubby and I have been trying to simplify, which means less stuff, so I haven't ordered new gear in a while since I'm trying to keep my purchasing to a minimum (another reason is because I love EVERYTHING and if I buy one thing, I'll have to buy at least ten things). Even still, I absolutely love this brand (and the lady who runs it) down to my core and am honored to represent it for 2019!

With that said, I'm lucky enough to have quite a few pieces from SMDS in my closet and rock them often (obviously they all still "spark joy" and I can't imagine a time when they won't, so I don't plan on letting them go anytime soon ;)).

In the past I wasn't one for muscle tees, but lately I can't get enough (I love rocking them with a sports bra so I still feel covered, but can add a extra pop of color). And I'm pretty sure this one was PERFECT for when I attempted to PR at my fall goal marathon, right?! And my newest one {run all the miles, pet all the dogs} is THE BEST for EVERY.DANG.DAY!

Did you see she just recently re-released the design in more colors and with amazing details?! And in a sweatshirt option!

And now that it's finally cool enough, you can normally find me rocking one of my sweatshirts morning, noon or night!

Tell me that track graphic isn't AMAZING and that the vibe from the sweatshirt on the right isn't an every day mood...

Shoot, I even love these sweatshirts so much that the hubby has one now! And how fitting it is... (although, truth be told, I had a hard time deciding between "run all the miles, drink all the beer" and "run all the miles, eat all the donuts" ;)).

And tell me this tank isn't an absolute MUST-HAVE! I mean... I literally live in it while the hubby and I are adventuring. #WhoUsesThePhoneToActuallyCallAnymore #NotMe #PleaseJustText (The design comes in a sweatshirt too! #Need)

I can't forget about the AWESOME Steve Prefontaine pin. I had to hide it when it arrived because the hubby tried to steal it. So freakin' amazing! Legit, this is my fave pin EVER! (But the Shalane one is a close second with the Meb one in third.)

And let's chat about the moisture wicking hat! Normally I run in a trucker, but this is totally a step up in my headgear game! It even has UV protection in the fabric - SCORE! PS Word on the street is more truckers are in the works - awwww yeah!

PS Please ignore the fact that the bill isn't straight... I had just rocked the hat on an 18-miler (in 80% humidity) and was a little disheveled.

Now, if only Sarah had a "run all the miles, eat all the chips and salsa" shirt I'd be all set! But really, Sarah, hint hint ;)


And the store just keeps expanding! I swear, it feels like every other day I'm seeing something new (that of course I need) popping up on the website - pinstanksdrinkwaresweatshirtshatsjewelrynail wrapsbagsgreeting cards, etc! And with that, I've got some good news to pass along... Now that I'm an ambassador, I've been given a discount code to share with all of you! If you use "SMDS-MCDOT" you can save 15% on your orders! (I have added an ambassador badge in the right column of the blog. If you click on it, it will load the discount code to your cart automatically - EASY PEASY!)

Fill in the blank - Run all the miles, eat (or drink) all the ___________?


SD Mom said...

Ramen? Pho? Pad Thai? Sushi? Pinot Noir?

Anonymous said...

If you love it so much, why would you sell the original stuff that was sent to you on poshmark?

Carlee McDot said...

Hey Anonymous - I sold one of the sweatshirts because it was too large for me (I absolutely love the design, which is why I rock the tank with the same message all the time). All of the money from my PoshMark closet gets donated to our favorite charities. Have an AWESOME Afternoon!

nemethe said...

Paczki!!! Happy Fat Tuesday!!! 💜💚

Unknown said...

Ice cream!