Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's been a hot minute since I've posted a Friday Favorites - sorry! But now that we are back home for a while (over the previous 2 months I think we were home for a total of 10 days), I can finally get back to my routine and the blog's regularly scheduled programs ;) PS Thanks for sticking around while the madness ensued (and hopefully you enjoyed the guest posts I had lined up while we were out of town). So, without further ado, let's get to the list of some of my recent favorites!

REI National Park Collection

The new REI National Parks Collection is not only AWESOME (which includes packs, tees, shoes, water bottles and more) but also 5% of these products’ sales will be donated to the parks! I mean, it's a win-win, right?! Get gear that gives back to our National Parks! I'm pretty sure I need the co-op pin, one of the Flash 18 packs, the camp mug and the Grand Canyon patch... and don't forget all the other goodies that I don't "need" but really, really, really want ;)

Reckless Love

I have been LOVING this song by Cory Asbury lately! I first heard it a couple months back when we sang it at church. Since then it has been getting more airtime on the radio and I'm thrilled. It's crazy to think that God would "leave the 99" to go and try to find and rescue the one lost... because EVERY SINGLE ONE is precious!

Run Ink Commemorative Maps

So this isn't a new find (seeing as I already have quite the collection of these from past races), but I received my Boston Commemorative Map from Run Ink last week and I HAD TO share about it. Not only are these AWESOME ways to commemorate races (not to mention I think they are super amazing art to have around the house), but Run Ink will be donating 10% to Girl Power 2 Cure in honor of #Boston4Rett if you place an order before May 16th. And not only will you be giving back, but you will also SAVE money because code "boston4rett" will take 10% off your order - BOOM! The code works across the site (doesn't have to be Boston specific - and if for some reason the maps aren't your jam, there are tons of other commemorative items you can order as well!). {FYI I mentioned this code when the virtual 5K kicked off, but Jen was kind enough to extend the sale in case you missed placing an order pre-Boston Marathon! Isn't she amazing?!}

RBG Movie

I logged into my Movie Pass app the other day and saw the new RBG movie under the new releases... WHAT THE CRAP?! I didn't even know there was a movie about her coming out! It isn't playing near us currently, but you better believe that as soon as it comes close by I will be hitting up the theater (and if it doesn't come soon I will probably talk the hubby into a day date wherever it may be playing so we can check it out!). RBG is DA BOMB DOT COM! I am stoked that more people may learn about her and her amazingness thanks to this new documentary!

This Is What Strength Looks Like Tank

I'm not sure if you've seen, but Kelly Roberts released a couple of new tees and tanks on the site and I am LOVING the "This Is What Strength Looks Like" option! I think the product description says it all - FINALLY, a shirt that shows the world that strength doesn’t look a certain way, it feels a certain way... EMPOWERED! This shirt is for all the women who show up and continue to show up not just for themselves, but for the #BadassLadyGang. You better believe I will be placing an order for one of these tanks (there is also a tee option) ASAP!


What are you loving lately?


Unknown said...

Seeing RBG on Monday! The invitation is open for you to join if you want to make the trek!

Breathe Deeply and Smile said...

I'm trying to see on MoviePass when RBG is playing near me! CAN'T WAIT <3

Tracy said...

I just got on board the MoviePass train! Mine came in the mail yesterday, and I already saw two movies (Isle of Dogs and Chappaquiddick). I may have to check out RBG now too;