Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's that day again... The best day of the week... The day that the hubby and I go to our favorite Mexican restaurant and chow down on ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA (yup, that is just about every Friday - not only am I a cheap date, but I am very predictable)! Oh yeah, and the reason you're here...  It's also time for me to share some of my recent favorite finds.

The Handmaid's Tale

Normally I tend to steer clear of movies that are adaptations of book... You may be asking yourself "why?" and that's because normally the books are so much better! Although I told myself I would avoid watching the new "The Handmaid's Tale" series on Hulu, I heard enough raving reviews that I thought the hubby and I could give it a go. Although they definitely took the liberties to add/ change parts, I think it did a fairly good job at staying true to the book. PS There will be a Season 2 (and it will be 13 episodes instead of 10 like the first season), but I'm not sure what will happen, since they've finished all of the material from the book {sources say it'll be darker than the first season}.

The Mitten State Michigan Hoodie

It's football season (and eventually it may be hoodie weather here in Southern California), so you know I am loving the new releases from The Mitten State. They recently announced some of their new sweatshirts and I am loving the new Michigan Wolverine one. If we weren't trying to simplify I would have totally ordered it already... but maybe Santa reads my blog and will bring it to me for Christmas ;) I promise, I've been a real good girl this year!


Halloween Candy

Normally I don't have a big sweet tooth, but I appreciate that Halloween candy tends to be pre-portioned out in a smaller size (because I'm NOT the only one who will mow through an entire bag of Target Sour Soft Watermelon Chews even though there are six servings in the bag... I'm not the only one, right?!). And thanks to the Treadmill Ratings & Reviews website, we now know how many of the fun-sized candies we can devour based on our running distance (and weight) ;)



It’s Rett Awareness month and we’re posting photos and videos of ourselves wearing our clothes on backwards. But why? Because Rett has been reversed in the lab and we want to fund the research that will #ReverseRett in the 350,000 people that suffer from this debilitating disorder around the world. You can learn more and donate HERE.


If you saw yesterday's blog post, then you already know about the Rolflex... but if not (shame on you... KIDDING!), think of it as the foam roller re-imagined. The hubby and I have been using it for a couple weeks now and are in love! He swears by it for his climbing muscles and my running muscles are in heaven because of it. It is so much easier to use than a traditional foam roller (you can use it standing or sitting, no need to lay down on the ground) and can really target your problem areas. And if you want to try one out for yourself, you better enter the giveaway I've got going on!

What are you loving lately?

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San said...

I haven't watched "Outlander" for the same reason. The books are so good that I am afraid the TV series will ruin them for me.

However, "The Notebook" was a great adaptation ;) guess it depends on the book/movie.