Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Working With A Coach {{Update}}

Remember a few weeks ago... when I mentioned I was going to work with a running coach for this next round of training?! Well, in case that completely foreign and doesn't jog your memory, you can head over and read that original post HERE. Anywho, it's been a few weeks so I thought I'd do a quick update on how everything is going.

I've been working with RYR Pacers since April 17th. Instead of a standard plan you can find online (which is normally the route I go), I'm getting a customized schedule for me and the goals I want to obtain. Not only that, but every few weeks I have check-ins (in the form of 5K tests) to see where everything stands and if adjustments need to be made.

There are a couple major distinctions that I've found thus far.

First, in the past, I did my speed workouts during my short runs and my long runs were done at an easy pace. This go-around my short runs are normally run at an easy pace and my long runs include speed work.

My "long runs" so far have ranged from 6 to 12 miles (all with some form of speed work)

Next, in the past, I found that running four to five days was what worked best with my body. This go-around I am running six days a week... which leads into the next point.

Last, in the past, I had a hard time running my easy runs "easy" (it was more of an internal pressure I put on myself, but I didn't "like" seeing the slower paces, so I often times would still push the runs that were meant to be for recovery). This go-around I'm focusing on the paces and reasons of each workout (and we have even added in some heart rate training so that I don't even have to worry about paces). The biggest take away I've found with that is my recovery time has been a lot shorter between runs (and, hence, I can run more days a week without any issues).

Running with the hubby or focusing on my HR has helped make sure my easy
runs are actually run at what my body sees as an "easy" pace.

I will be the first to admit that I haven't been able to hit all of my paces in my workouts, but I am stoked that I've stuck them out (even if I knew by the first of nine intervals that I wasn't hitting my goals). I'm hoping that these workouts are not only building physical strength (and speed), but also some mental strength that I tend to often be lacking.

My feelings after one of the interval workouts...

I have a few big tests coming up (a 5K tomorrow and a difficult long run on Sunday with the first 8 miles at 8:10 pace and the final 4 at 7:25 pace) and then we'll assess if my PR attempt at Fontana in a couple weeks is realistic or not.

My tests include a 10 minute warm-up, followed by a
5K run at a certain HR, and then a 10 minute cool-down.

Ultimately my main focus is a BQ (and potential PR) at the Chicago Marathon in October, but I figure the best place to try and get a new half marathon PR this year would be Fontana, so I'm putting in the work to see if I can give it a shot.


And in case you were wondering what a "standard" training week will look like -

          Monday: Strength Training + Recovery Run (30 minute run with a goal HR ~140)
          Tuesday: Easy Run (4-6 miles @ 9:45/mile pace)
          Wednesday: AT Interval Work (6-8 x 800 @ 4:20 pace + 2-4 x 400 @ 2:10 pace)
          Thursday: Cross Training + Recovery Run (30 minute run with a goal HR ~140)
          Friday: Vo2 Max Interval Work (6-8 x 800 @ 3:25 pace + 2-4 x 400 @ 1:40 pace)
          Saturday: Rest Day
          Sunday: Long Run (8-12 miles with paces ranging from 8:30/mile to 7:15/mile)

**Also, you can read my weekly Workout Recaps I normally post on Sunday to see the specifics if you're interested.**

I'll definitely keep you informed throughout the journey, but figured I'd give you a quick update since it's been a couple weeks and I've already noticed a few major differences between this round of training and others I've done in the past.

Have you ever worked with a trainer or coach before?

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Paulette said...

Very cool! I worked with a coach last year and it didn't go too well, likely not a great fit in general. I didn't plan to do it again but then started working with someone different and it's been AMAZING. I'm so glad I gave it another chance! I was so well trained for my last race (had it on April 29) and felt great about everything. I hope you have a great experience too!