Monday, May 29, 2017

Tapering for Rock 'N' Roll San Diego


In case you didn't know, it's Rock 'N' Roll San Diego week! Whether you're planning to use one of the RnRSD races to attempt a PR, as a training run for another goal, to tackle a new distance or as a means to party your way through American's Finest City, I wanted to do a quick post on something the majority of us are going through: TAPER TIME! {Feel free to read all about tapering in this Runner's World article (why it's helpful, how to do it, etc).}


I figured I'd share some ideas of what you can do to fill your time during the taper (seeing as you will have more time on your hands since you will be running less). So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my suggestions of things to do while tapering for one of the Rock 'N' Roll San Diego races.

Weather Stalking

Okay, so I know stressing about the weather does very little (seeing as Mother Nature is a beast that has very little regard for anyone else), but I still make sure to do my fair share of weather watching so I know how to plan for the race [i.e. do I need to bring extra hydration / should I pack a rain jacket or duct tape to help "weatherproof" my shoes / etc].


Updating Music Playlists

For those of you who listen to music, make sure to have your jams ready. Some of you may want to rock the same tunes as you used during training (that way when you hear those familiar songs your body 'knows' what to do) while others of you may want to update your playlist to contain a few extra motivational songs and anthem cries. As you can expect, the bands and DJs are a plenty on a Rock 'N' Roll course so it isn't even necessary to bring your own jams, but just in case you desire some specific tunes, make sure your playlists are locked and loaded!

Foam Roll & Stretch

I do my darnedest to foam roll and stretch every evening (although there are some nights where I am just too tired and decide crawling into bed sounds much better), but when it comes to the week before a race you better believe that I am setting aside a chunk of time to roll it out (whether it be your IT band, your quads, your calves, your feet, etc). DO IT!

Review The Course

Knowing the course can have HUGE advantages (when to expect hills, where to be on the look out for aid stations, etc). Although I am one who tends to forget to do much studying of the course map or elevation charts, I know how beneficial they can be... so learn from my dumb tax mistakes and do your homework, one can never be too prepared!




No matter the weather, it is always important to hydrate prior to a race (starting a race dehydrated might be just as bad or worse than starting a race without having adequately trained for it). And hydrating shouldn't start the morning or even day before - make sure you give your body the nutrition and hydration it needs leading up to toeing the starting line!

Although you could definitely "hydrate" with Michelob Ultra, I'd suggest
saving that for your post-race beer and hydrating with some "purple"
Gatorade... Wait, am I the only one who describes flavors by their color?

Charge Electronics

Who wants to show up on race morning with their gadgets and gizmos dead? Uh NO ONE! So while you have some extra time, make sure to grab the power cords and give your electronics {and spare external batteries} some extra juice. This reminds me, if you are traveling to the race, make sure the chargers find their way into your bags.

Decide On Race Outfit

I swear, sometimes deciding on my race day outfit is one of the hardest parts (okay, the mileage is definitely the hardest part, but picking my outfit may come in a close second). Now that you've versed yourself in what the weather will be like on race morning, get your gear ready. (I love taking #FlatRunner photos. Not only does it help your friends know what to look for when they are spectating, but it also helps you make sure you don't forget any last minute essentials.)

This is the "flat" runner my hubby did the night before his last
half marathon... It got a lot of chuckles that's for sure!
Source: @ruggedwoodsman's IG account

Max & Relax

You put in the work, now take a couple deep breaths, trust your training and RELAX! Whether that means taking a couple hours and reading one of your favorite running (or non-running) books, soaking in an Epsom salt bath to relax the muscles, vegging out on the couch to your favorite reality TV show, napping with your favorite four-legged friend, etc., just make sure you take time for YOU! You earned it after all those early mornings, hard workouts and long runs! Your body is physically prepared, now make sure you show up rested and mentally prepared to ROCK San Diego!

Is there anything else you make sure to do during taper time?

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Bree at Clarity Defined said...

Great tips! Weather stalking is definitely my numero uno. I'm not running RnR, but I always love the excitement living so close to it (even if the course has stranded me on occasion).