Monday, November 7, 2016

Vegas Baby!

The hubby and I leave Friday morning to head to Las Vegas! I will be running the Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas 5K (on Saturday evening) and Half Marathon (on Sunday evening). How awesome is it that you can run the #StripAtNight completely shut down?! I believe it only happens a couple times a year, so you better believe I'll be taking it all in! 


We decided to make it a long weekend because apparently there are some pretty great rocks and boulders for the hubby to climb about on. The game plan is to give him all day Friday and then Saturday morning to do his thing and then Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening will be focused on the running. (Now, when I say 'focused' I do not mean these are going to be serious or fast races, I just mean that we will be spending time with the running crew, rather than out in the dust and rocks of the Vegas canyons.) Marriage (and life in general) is all about compromise, right?! 

Last year when I ran #RnRLV, I wasn't able to partake in the 5K because some crazies and I decided to run a half marathon Sunday morning BEFORE flying to Vegas to run the Rock 'N' Roll LAs Vegas Half Marathon in the evening (#SD2LV). Since we couldn't decide on a morning race this year, the crew opted to stick with Vegas for the entire weekend (and since it's drive-able from SoCal, it's a cheaper {and less chaotic} route so I ain't mad).

Left - Silver Strand Half / Middle - Flying into Vegas / Right - RnRLV Half
One day, two half marathons in two states - EPICNESS!

Originally I was thinking I might try and PR the 5K (since I would have LOVED to PR all of the major distances this year and I have been chasing my 5K time for a couple years now), but with a lot of twists and turns on the course I decided to go the OUTLANDISH COSTUME route ;) Let's just say it is complete with foam core, battery powered lights and awesomeness... [Make sure to follow me on Instagram {@CarleeMcDot}, if you don't already, for a costume reveal!]

But, like I often say, FUN is my top priority! The time on the clock will be forgotten within a couple days, but the memories (and friendships) made along the way will last a lifetime!

Hanging out before heading to the corrals at last year's RnRLV Half (with a scary Carrot Top photo bomb)

And while I'm talking about making memories, I've gotta mention the #WeRunSocial Meet-Ups going down on Saturday and Sunday! You know the crew will be out in FULL EFFECT for both races, so make sure to stop by to say "hi", take a selfie (or seventeen), grab a donut, etc! Everyone is welcome so please come by and join in on the shenanigans!

Let's just say that I'm expecting this to be an EPIC weekend! If you're in or near Vegas, you should definitely try and make it by to hang out! I promise you will NOT be disappointed! And, normally I'd say something like "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", but we all know that isn't the truth... And, in fact, WE ARE WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS!


Do you have any guesses on what my 5K costume may be? One hint - it is Las Vegas themed. 

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