Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dear Insecurities, Screw You!

I know I've been posting about this a lot lately, so if you are "over it" or maybe it isn't something you struggle with, feel free to skip today's post and come on back for tomorrow's post if you'd like, no hard feelings, k? But for the rest of us, this self-hate, self-doubt, pile of insecurities has been at the forefront on my mind lately and I wanted to talk it out a bit.

While I was out running yesterday, I had an apostrophe... Lightning had just struck my brain...

The only thing insecurities are hurting is YOU!

Let's use the example of feeling insecure about running outside in your sports bra. And let's even say you pass someone who thinks that you aren't their cup of tea. Well, let's be real, they will probably forget about you in all of 3.7 seconds. So then, WHY DO WE PUT SO MUCH WEIGHT ON IT?! Why do we get in our heads and worry about what "they" may think of us?! WHO THE FRICK CARES?! They don't and we sure as heck shouldn't!

Not only can running in your sports bra be rather freeing (after you get over the
'scary as heck' feeling), but you also save on doing some laundry ;)

Now I am not saying that you can't be dissatisfied with how you look or that you can't be working on yourself to get fitter/ healthier/ stronger/ etc, but what I am saying is that these insecurities that we are feeling are hogwash! They're holding us back from being in love with ourselves! They are truly preventing us from living our lives! And THAT is NOT cool!

I normally HATE pictures of me from the back (the first thing I see are
my 'love handles/ muffin top'), but if I am going to embrace me then I
need to embrace ALL OF ME!

Earlier this week I went out for a run down by the beach. It was the Fourth of July so I got all decked out for my workout.

I use any excuse that I can to get dressed up for an occasion ;) 

Well, let's just say I had more than my fair share of nasty looks and rude comments. I just don't understand why people (especially females) are so judgmental of one another. #RealTalk - it hurts. It stings me to my core and I replay the looks or comments over in my head for days on end. But on Monday I had to stop and smile. I have a fabulous life and I felt sorry for all of the folks that were grumpy and not as joyful as I am. I don't know if it is a jealousy thing (that I am willing to go outside and potentially look like a fool without caring what people think of me) or if my happiness (saying "Good Morning" or "Happy Fourth") really just rubbed them the wrong way, but whatever the issue, it's THEIR issue!


So, for today, I'm yelling "SCREW YOU, INSECURITIES, SCREW YOU" and planning to live my life without focusing on the negativity! Let's vow to love ourselves and love one another, to build each other up and ROCK THIS LIFE!


What's your best tip for blocking out the negativity around you (whether it is coming from internal or external sources)?


Anonymous said...

Carlee. WOMAN. This is making me tear up. Watching this rapid blooming within you is incredible and I am so happy to be a part of it, even if in a small way. Let us - especially we women - lift one another up, celebrate each other and be one another's rallying cry of POSITIVITY!

Shannon said...

Wow, did you see my blog post today? I think a number of us are on a similar wavelength right now.

Unknown said...

What you said about it being THEIR issue is exactly right. When someone is negative or judges other, it's usually a sign of their own insecurities. Often they are even jealous of the person they are making a remark about. It's tough to not take those things personally but when you put them into perspective and remember that it's about them, not you, it makes it a lot easier.

Heather at said...

I agree-it is their issue. I too ran the other morning in my sports bra and I looked down and saw that roll. BUT I DIDN'T care. I'm running and exercising and eating some yummy food. I have to be comfortable with my body and be excited that others also embrace their own self-image. I go to the beach-same story.

Jamie King said...

I can't even imagine being ridiculed while working out or running. I seriously can't believe people make rude comments to you - ugh, so sorry that's happening - I think in the right communities, at least in my very female centric world - ladies are more about lifting each other up than bringing each other down! Always a good thing to remember when we're out and about.

And girl, you look great in the sports bra - so don't sweat what anyone thinks or says - it only matters what you think! :)


Unknown said...

Insecurities are SOOOOO hard, but girl you look good!

Elizabeth said...

I repeat, "what other people think of me is none of my business."

Whose opinion of me should I really consider, beyond my own? The answer is different for everyone, and it may also differ by topic (like are they offering an opinion on my outfit, or on my choice to run, or on whether I should already be married and have a baby).

Generally, I have a very few close friends whose opinions on most things matter to me. I care about what my family thinks about some things. I have friends and people who I respect who I may or may not care what they think (depending on the topic).

In the end, you've gotta be you. Whatever you choose, YOU have to live with it. Everyone else can eff off.

Abby said...

Love it. Be happy being you and let the others deal with themselves.