Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Found Confidence

Over the last week or so I have actually gone out for a couple runs WITHOUT A SHIRT! For those of you who know me, you know how much of a BIG deal this is. For the rest of you, well, let's just say that I have terrible self esteem and pretty much hate my body. It seems as though the heat can make you do crazy things... like seeing mirages (which thankfully has never happened to me) or running in a sports bra for the world to see!

Now, I don't think I would necessarily consider this a case of new found confidence, but I do think I am beginning to see my body for what it can accomplish, rather than how it looks! I am NOT saying that when I look in the mirror I love like what I see, but I am saying that it was a HUGE step to run outdoors sans a top and not care about what body parts were jiggling or wonder what the people I passed were thinking about me.

I have been thinking a lot about the whole confidence thing and how we often times get so caught up in the rat race of trying to look like the models/ athletes/ celebrities we see. Well, my girl Kelly has been speaking my language in her past couple IG posts, so instead of me trying to come up with something better, I figured I'd share her sentiments...

"The only way we'll change the mold is if we refuse to be defined. Strength doesn't look a certain way, it feels a certain way."

Source: @KellyKKRoberts Instagram feed

"CONFIDENCE IS CONTAGIOUS. BE PROUD. BE STRONG. MIDDLE FINGERS UP AT YOUR INSECURITIES. It's all about loving where you're at today and pushing for a stronger tomorrow. Go look in the mirror and tell yourself you're foxy AF."

Source@KellyKKRoberts Instagram feed

OH HECK TO THE YES! We need to break those molds that we allow the world to form for us. We need to look around at those in our tribe and find the role models that we need... the attainable, real life goals that we can go after and conquer! We need to realize that we are enough, that we are strong, and that even though we may not be where we want to be, that we are stronger than we were yesterday and we are one step closer to our goals.


Now, hear me out, I am not saying that running around in your sports bra will necessarily help give you that jolt of confidence that you are in dire need of, but what I am hoping is that we can all celebrate how far we've come while working towards where we want to be. We need to do whatever we can so that we can learn to love ourselves (and our bodies) with all that we have! And maybe shedding a layer of clothes can be a step in the right direction.


Maybe running in your sports bra won't fix all of your problems, but maybe it will help to lift a little of the excess weight off of your shoulders that you've been carrying around with you. Right now, let's remove that pressure society has placed on our shoulders of being the perfect woman (or man), looking a certain way while having all of our -ish together. It's not reality and it's not fair that we try to live up to those false standards! We all struggle, we all fall flat on our faces, but the real success is getting back up and continuing to fight the good fight!


BE REAL! BE YOU! BE CONFIDENT! And, heck, #RunNaked!

Is confidence something you struggle with? 


Jill said...

Awesome post and congrats on the body confidence boost! I will never run in just a sports bra, but I will say it was a HUGE step for me last year to wear a tank that fits such that a lot of my bra is exposed. I bought the tank online and hid it in the drawer for a good 8 months before I actually got the nerve to wear it; it's now my favorite running top and I don't care if people can see my bra.

Unknown said...

Heck yes! Love this! I'm almost 41 and it's taken me about that long unfortunately to give zero cares what anyone thinks of me, what I do or how I look. The other day I posted a photo on IG that I was like oh yes there my mommy tummy sticking out in that fun jump pose but you know what?! Who cares! I'm a mom, I have a tummy and I carried on with my day ������ If you haven't read it already you would like "You Are A Badass" book ������

Jess @ run pink said...

Beautiful! I struggle with insecurity due to post baby loose skin on my tummy. No matter how "fit" or "tone" I become I will always have that wrinkly skin...But I run without my shirt on in summer because it's HOT!!!! ;-) Learning to fall in love with your body takes maturity and time. The media has destroyed and skewed our views on self image. Let's get real. More run naked posts! I love all the quotes you put on your post too.

Mark Posey said...

If I saw you running like that I would give you a big thumbs up and say, "Looking good runner!"

Stephanie Consiglio said...

This post could not come at a more perfect time for me! It's so true and I was just feeling down this week about it as well because it's so hot and I didn't want to take my shirt off because of my insecurities. But you nailed it right on the head. Just because we're not where we were/want to be doesn't mean we aren't working toward that goal again. That's how I feel and thank you for such a wonderful post! Confidence power!

TriGirl said...

When Angela linked to your post I did not know what she meant by "topless". Not that you need to hear this, but you look great and I think you should wear whatever you want on your run. I see lots of women here running in just their sports bras and not looking like they care at all what anyone else thinks, which is how it should be.

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I would never think you lack in confidence! But I hear you on the body hating. I think finally at age 53 I like my body! Isn't that crazy? But not so much the way it looks, altho I do like my muscles, but on what it can do. As I've gotten stronger, I've gotten more confident. Not running topless tho! No one needs to see that...