Monday, July 11, 2016

Belated Birthday Celebration

We rescued Walt a little over 3 years ago. When we first took him to the vet, they thought (based on his teeth, size, etc) that he was probably about 9 months old. They said that meant he was probably born in July and asked us to pick a birthday for him.

Our first #WaltTheWienerDog IG post

The Fourth of July is an easy date to remember, right?! WRONG! Well, I mean, yes, the date itself is an easy one to remember, but remembering that it is your pup's birthday seems to be a bit more difficult...

He's our Fourth of July doggy!

This year we actually remembered that it was his birthday - SCORE - but then other activities popped up so we weren't able to "celebrate" the day with him. (Don't worry, we aren't "those" people who go all out for their pets, but we do tend to feel a little guilty when a couple months go by and a happy birthday wasn't even mentioned to our fur baby.)

We figured we would make it up to him the following weekend (which was this past weekend), I mean, it's not like he would know any better, right?! (Ryan even joked and said that maybe we should unofficially move his birthday to a different day, especially since it was an arbitrary date to begin with, and maybe we would be more likely to remember it.)

So this past weekend we had a BELATED BIRTHDAY celebration for Sir Walt the Wiener Dog.

We started with a fun morning hike at a nearby park.

We've got a talented wiener, what can we say?!

The only time Walt doesn't look like he hates the camera is when he is panting...
And then I think he looks like he is smiling!

I was thinking that this should be one of Brooks Heritage's new ads ;)

He may not be speedy, but we had fun!

Always make sure to hydrate your wiener!

Then, once we got home and ate some food it was time for a quick shut-eye on the porch with his main man.


Ryan is building a box out of pallets for me (to store our throw blankets in) so we accompanied him to the garage for some supervising and stick chewing. Don't worry, I didn't chew on any sticks!

I like big sticks and I cannot lie...

In the afternoon we took Walt to the nearby school so he could enjoy a nice Frosty Paws ice cream treat. Obviously it is hard to snap a good picture of Walt when he has ice cream on the mind, so this is as good as we could get ;)

I got the candle at the Dollar Tree... thought it would make for a cute picture, but
I forgot Walt doesn't really "do" photo ops... 

HA, doesn't it look like he is hunting the ice cream in this shot?!

I guess you could say he liked it... He ate it all up!

Again, I doubt he knew any better that we were celebrating his birthday (or that we were celebrating it late), but hopefully he felt all the love we have for him! He's a great pup (most of the time) and he has brought us such joy!

Do you celebrate your pet's birthdays?


Unknown said...

This may be my favorite post you've done! I LOVE running but I also LOVE dogs. My husband and I will be running down the street and see a dog and we both have to mention it. And yes, I am one of those WEIRD dog people who makes my dogs b-day cakes or pupcakes. (We do have two dogs though, and we usually only go all out for one of them and the next year we go all out for the other.... Usually.) My Australian Shepard's 3 year adoptiversary is in 2 days and I may make him a cake. (It might not be on that day though.) He is a great running buddy and he has earned his cake by being my main running partner. Without him nudging me awake in the early AM, I may not have gone out for many of my early morning runs.

Kara said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Walt!!

I celebrate Stella's birthday with a hat & puppy ice cream for her. Simple, but like you I feel bad if I don't do something (not like she knows!!)

Unknown said...

This is the sweetest thing! We celebrate Dangle's adoption day every year by giving her a new toy and special treats. Makes me so happy =)

Unknown said...

Pups are precious!!
Happy belated birthday, Walt!!

Abby said...

Happy belated birthday Walt!

Unknown said...

Walt is so lucky to have you! I don't celebrate my chickens birthdays. I tell them they are just lucky they aren't my dinner and laying on the BBQ. 😜