Sunday, June 12, 2016

Workout Recap - Week 24

Sunday, June 5th – Rock 'N' Roll San Diego Half Marathon, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Monday, June 6th – 4 mile progression run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Tuesday, June 7th – Strength Training (abs, back, legs and arms), 5 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Wednesday, June 8th – 17 mile bike ride, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Thursday, June 9th – 10 mile run

Friday, June 10th – Rest Day, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Saturday, June 11th – 3 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

After back-to-back races last weekend, this week was a little bit more of a recovery week. Donating blood and having a nicked nerve from the needle, along with trying to give my body a bit of a break all played into a little bit of a lighter week. Thankfully my body (other than my arm) feels great! Next up a racecation to Seattle at the end of the week!

How were your workouts this past week?

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