Friday, January 23, 2015

New Shoes & Amazing Views

I love Fridays! I don't have to work (I have been blessed to be able to work part time, so I have 3 day weekends every week - whoooo hoooo!), so normally I try and get in my long runs Friday mornings that way I can spend more time with the hubby on the weekends when he is off.

This morning I woke up around 7am. I looked at the weather and thought I would rather wait a bit.

How can it be 39* out, but the low is 46*? 

I checked blogs, Instagram, my email, etc and around 8am woke Ryan up so he could get ready for work. Walt was still snooze-y (honestly, though, when isn't he?!), so I decided to crawl back into bed with him for a little bit (we crate him at night, but once I wake up I normally let him out and he runs straight into the bedroom to sleep with Ryan). Oopsy, I ended up falling back asleep until about 9am. Guess my body needed a little extra rest.

After the 8am nap, Walt and I got up, went for a walk, put away some laundry, ate breakfast, and then I got ready to head out for my run. Walt posted up in the sun and decided to wait for my return.

With a face like this, how can anyone say no to extra snuggles?!

I had 10 miles on the calendar, so laced up my sneakers and made my way outside. (I should probably mention that I am breaking in a NEW pair of Brooks Ghost 6. Yes they look the same, but that is only because I have been wearing the same model (in the same color) for the last year. I mean, when you find something that works (and they are on sale), why not stock up? No need to reinvent the wheel if you ask me! Unfortunately this was my last new pair in the closet.)

My Pro Compression Low Trainers work GREAT with my new shoes!

My long run pace is supposed to be about 9:42/ mile. Today's run was a little faster than that (most of my miles ended up being between 9:00-9:30 pace), but my body is still feeling great! Since it was so gorgeous outside, I made sure to snap a couple quick pictures of the amazing views I am blessed to witness every day!

I love running towards the mountains. You are even able to see the snow on
Big Bear on a clear day (not pictured, but it is behind the trees on the left of the picture)

Running the Strand is one of my FAVORITE places to run!

Heading into the Harbor. The water was FLAT today!

They added a Rail Trail in Oceanside so I run on it whenever I can.

I saw this on one of the porches on the Strand and thought it was such a
cute idea I just had to grab a photo. Wonder if they saw it on Pinterest?

I added on an extra .44 miles at the end of my run for RunEMZ. She is tackling another 100 MILE race this weekend (can you say AMAZING?!). I was even able to get the pace at 8:44. #AllThe44s

Wore my HIGH VIS today ;) 

A little toasty by the time I finished, but this is more
my speed than 30s

And with that, I think I am earned a pretty low-key rest day tomorrow! Now it's time to shower and head to a JV basketball game! Have a WONDERFUL Weekend! And try to be the reason someone else smiles today!!

When do you normally get your long runs in?


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great day! Friday's off, long run and sunshine?! Happy Weekend :)
Karen @karenlovestorun

Emily said...

New shoes are just the best!!! They look like a good pair for Phoenix!!!!! (GAHHHHH!!!!!! CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!!!!) Have a fantastic weekend!