Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hunte's Gardens {Barbados}

Once we were finished checking out Bridgetown (check out the post on the adventures from earlier in the day here) we got back in the car and I had to be "navigator". Up to this point Ryan had an "idea" of how to get to most of the places we were going. Now, if you know me, you will know I am TERRIBLE at directions. Maybe it is my memory and the Fibro-Fog, maybe it is that I don't pay close enough attention, who knows. All I know is that I would have a hard time getting myself out of a paper bag let alone directing us how to get somewhere in a foreign country. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we couldn't use our phones (it would charge us an arm and a leg), so we had no type of GPS. What I did have was a map. Yep, an old school map! And not even a map with street names on it, since roads aren't clearly marked in Barbados... A map with names of estates or buildings on it. It took quite a bit of concentration but I got us to the gardens and without having to turn around too many times. I was extremely proud of myself!

The map I had to work with

And the roads shown on the map are NOT the only roads... 

I really can't believe I got us out of Bridgetown as easily as I did. Guess I don't give myself enough credit...

We made it to Hunte's Gardens and we knew we would love it. As soon as we walked in it reminded us of something out of Jurassic Park. The grounds were absolutely gorgeous. There was so much life and vegetation all around. It was super cool to think that we were in a sinkhole. It was like a little slice of heaven :) There were chairs and benches throughout the gardens so you could sit and enjoy the beauty that was all around.

You can see how the gardens are "down" in a large sinkhole

Ryan tried to make it look like a miniature picture, but I don't think it really worked

Another "miniature" shot

The hubz and I

Look how huge the leaves are... There had to be a T-Rex hiding somewhere

Larry the Lizard

Hey, I took this picture! (Ry was in the bathroom so I got to hold the camera :) )


We found these tiny pink "pineapples" (probably the size of a quarter)

We thought the way the photo came out it looked like we were part of a picture instead of in a mirror 

Don't ask...

We had an awesome time exploring the grounds and the 150 year old house that was still on the property. I would say we spent about 2 hours exploring, and for the $30 Barbados per person (which is $15 USD) we found it worth the money. We could have spent even more time there (and probably had a little picnic) if we didn't want to head back to the coast and do some snorkeling.

After our relaxing time in the gardens it was time to get back in the car and get reacquainted with my map. We weren't going back the way we came, so it was more extreme focusing. Thankfully the owner of Hunte's Gardens was pulling up as we were leaving and he gave us a few tips on how to get down to Holetown so we could snorkel the Folkestone Marine Park Reserve.

Another successful drive (shoot doggy, I was really getting the hang of this captain seat) and we were on the beach heading into the water for a snorkel.

I stay on the surface while Ryan tends to dive down deeper

Looks like a maze or maybe a brain

Hard to smile with snorkels in your mouths

After we snorkeled for about an hour we got out and had a little picnic (our melted fruit snacks and PB&Js tasted amazing!) before heading back towards the hotel. Another successful day in the books!

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