Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dating ABCs: Y

On Sunday Ryan and I went to the Yellow Deli. {Can you believe we have almost completed our "Dating Thru The ABCs" adventure?!}

Hubs and I have been wanting to try this restaurant out for a while. A little because of the rave reviews we have heard about the food. And a little because of the experience. You see, the word around town is the folks that run the deli are in a cult. Cult or co-op, the food was YUMMY!

Ryan ordered the Yoga Vista Special (which was their version of a veggie burger) with a small side of vegetarian lentil soup. I tried the soup, which was scrum-didily-umptious, but he had scarfed down the burger before I got a chance to try it :) {HOW RUDE, J/K! I've learned that I need to SPEAK UP or I won't get a bite... He loves his food}

I built my own sandwich - a whole wheat roll with provolone cheese, sprouts, avocado, onions, and mustard (I didn't see Ketchup anywhere on the menu or on the tables and I didn't want to offend them by asking for any ;), thankfully it was delicious without it). Came with kettle chips and a pickle on the side.

I saw on one of the Yelp reviews that the cream cheese cake with strawberries was highly recommended, so why not round out our dinner with that :) We could understand why it got two thumbs up - great crust, rich cake, yumminess!

The atmosphere was relaxed (students studying or doing homework, families enjoying a meal together, etc) with fun fiddle type music playing. There was indoor and outdoor seating available. The upstairs of the restaurant (where we sat) seemed to be like a tree house with tons of amazing woodworking all around.

The only issue we run into is that their "weekend" is midday Friday until midday Sunday, meaning the times that we normally eat out (Friday dinner or Saturday) it is closed. The other five days it is open 24-hours (making it a great place for college kids to study apparently). We will definitely try to make it work again in the future though!

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Funfitgirl said...

We had a Yellow Deli in the town I went to college in (upstate NY). Cult or Co-op, either way they made some tasty sandwiches!!