Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dating ABCs: W

If you were to ask Ryan who his favorite director is, it would take him all of .0079 seconds to blurt out WES ANDERSON. I mean, check out his mini DVD collection :)

Although living in Southern California means we could have done things like Wine Tasting or Whale Watching for our W Date, I knew going to see Wes' new movie would be right up Ryan's alley (and this whole dating thing is to help us focus on ONE ANOTHER and their wants and needs, right?!).

So this past Sunday, even though we were super busy with other things, we still carved out a couple hours to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel.

We tried to get a picture of us, but my phone (like always) was acting funny. First the flash wouldn't come on (so Ryan used the flashlight from his phone to try to light our faces) - see pictures 1 and 2. Then the flash came on, but obviously didn't work properly - see pictures 3 and 4. So we decided whatever we got with picture 5 would have to work - thankfully it wasn't too terrible.

You can even sort of see my fingers making a "W"

To stick with the W theme I even wore my Wonder Woman t-shirt and snacked on sour, gummy watermelon slices (these might be my new jam).

Ryan loved the movie - but that's a no brainer. If you have seen any of Wes Anderson's films, you know the genre and if you like one you probably will like them all. I liked it as well and am sure the DVD will be making its way into our collect soon enough.

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