Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Runday

Today was a long run for Ryan and I. We did 11 miles. Ryan's very first DOUBLE DIGIT run! And he did AMAZING!! I am so proud of him. We just kept saying, "Can you believe you did that?!" Neither of us would have imagined even a few months ago that he would be running so much (and so well).

We set the alarm for 6am so that we could try and beat the heat. Thankfully the sun stayed hidden behind the marine layer (all day actually), but we weren't so lucky with the humidity - 80% plus humidity [aka wet, sticky, heavy, yucky air].

We kept an easy pace (between 10:30 and 12 minute miles), since we wanted to be able to finish strong (and because Ryan had never run that far and I would rather build his confidence than try to kill a run). Ryan even said that it felt better than our 9.5 mile run a couple weeks ago (but to be fair, that one we didn't start until about 9:30am and it was already in the high 70s with about 90% humidity).

And to continue our Sunday Runday experience we went over to the Running Center and I was able to grab another pair of running shoes. I told myself for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, if I could get a PR [personal record] that I would reward myself with a new pair of shoes. Well, I did PR that race and have just been too busy to go get new shoes.

I tried on a few pairs (Brooks, Saucony, Mizzo). I ended up picking the Brooks Ghost 6. I actually am running in a pair of Brooks Ghosts right now (I am ASHAMED to say I think they are about 5 years old - but since they are in the rotation and not an every day shoe I don't rack up the miles as quickly - and they had been sitting in the closet for a while when I wasn't actually running for a few years in there), so I know they are trusty kicks :).

Oh, I love that Sunday Rundays now include my hubby!! Great bonding time!! Not to mention he is KICKIN' BOOTY!!

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