Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Oceanside!!

Last night Ryan, Walt and I went over to watch the Oceanside Birthday Fireworks (Oceanside is 125 years old as of yesterday!). We weren't sure how Walt would do with the loud bangs, so instead of going to the park with all the other spectators we parked in the driveway of a nearby nursery (quick in-and-out, especially if we needed to peace out a little early because we had a sad or scared pup). We brought some towels to sit on in the truck bed and Walt's bed so he had a comfy spot to lay. I also grabbed a bone that he could gnaw on, hopefully to keep his mind off of the fireworks. The firework show was AWESOME. And our viewing spot was PERFECT! Walt did great - he barked at the first couple, and gruffed a little at some of the super loud ones, but other than that just laid next to us in the back. We had a great night!! Thanks OSide for putting on the firework show - you got 4 thumbs and 4 paws up from this clan :)

Happy Birthday Oceanside!!

Trying to get a 'family' photo was pretty difficult... 

Walt wasn't really having it... 

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