Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reconnecting with Friends

Had such a great time reconnecting with friends from college yesterday. Meg and Brandon were in town (Venice and then San Diego) for their 1 year wedding anniversary and a family wedding - and we were lucky enough to grab some of their time.

We picked them from the place they were staying around 11am. They wanted to check out our neck of the woods (just in case they think about moving westward). On the way back up to Oceanside we stopped along some sites (Swami's surf spot, DAV Thrift Store, Swami's Cafe for lunch, etc). They were able to meet Walt The Wiener Dog (they are both dog lovers and had a great time with him). Then we went down to the beach so that Ryan could push Brandon into some waves. They had to head back to San Diego around 6pm to go to a family BBQ, but we had a great time during the few hours we were able to hang out.

Isn't it great when years pass and you see each other again it is like just yesterday - no awkward silences, just jumping back into conversations like you did before?! [Obviously we WISH years didn't pass between our hang outs - and we will TRY to make sure that never happens again - but if it does happen, it is great knowing that you can just fall back in where you left off and everything is still amazing. True friendship!]

Maybe one day soon we will be neighbors again - whether that is in Oceanside or Detroit :)

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