Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spoiled Pup

So Walt had a sleep over with one of his best buds, Dizzy, last night.

We thought it would probably be best, seeing as we left our house around 3:45am and didn't get back until around 10:50am - and that was with us running an extra 2 miles after my race to get to the train station and make the earlier train (otherwise we wouldn't have been back till around 12:30pm).

We dropped him off at Mike & Katrina's house around 5pm. I woke up this morning around 3am to a tagged picture on Facebook... Apparently Walt found a new spot that he liked in their backyard...

Oh what a bad doggy!

We had brought over his blanket and his bed, but thought he would sleep in Dizzy's crate (that she stays in while Mike & Katrina aren't home)... Little did we know he would whine [well, I guess we imagined he would, but we thought it would be for a few seconds and then go to bed after all the playing and battling that he and Dizzy partook in earlier], not stop, and get INVITED into their bed!

What a spoiled pup!

I told Ryan that Walt was probably bummed to come back to our house because he isn't allowed to get up on the furniture or sleep in bed with us :)

Thankfully Katrina said that he would be welcomed back in the future if we needed it! So grateful that we have friends that are willing to look after our pup (even if he is mischievous) for us!!

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