Monday, June 3, 2013

Attacked By A Turkey

This morning I was attacked by a turkey (okay - we call crows turkeys, but I was still attacked by a crow this morning). 

It was so weird. I walked over to the UPS store from our office (just across the street). I saw a guy that seemed to be yelling at the bird, but wasn't sure what was going on (now I think the bird attacked him too). 

Well, I kept walking and the bird dive bombed me and hit the back on my head with his claws. I tried to shoo him away and he flew away (not painful just a little startling). Then I came out of the UPS store and he was still there. I waved my arm at him when I walked by to try and scare him away, which seemed to work because he didn't get close to me that time (but I could tell he was eye-ballin' me). Then he followed me over to the corner and landed in the traffic light. Then when I walked across the street he dive bombed me again (a car honked at it to try to scare it away and some of the people were pointing). 

I tried to laugh it off and made a comment to the other pedestrians that maybe it just wanted my hair for its nest... It didn't hurt me or cut me with its claws, but it did slightly freak me out. 

I don't know if the bird had a baby nearby that it was trying to protect, or if it just had the mad-bird flu or something... No matter what the reason, I decided I should just stay in the office for the rest of the day... 

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