Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Got You

Jack Johnson's 'I Got You' Video: Singer Enjoys Quite The Sunny Day (EXCLUSIVE)

Jack Johnson is really your man: Fresh off of saving Bonnaroo, he's surging forward with a charming new video for "I Got You," filmed with a buddy on a bright Hawaiian day.
Emmett Malloy directed the clip, which is debuting exclusively on HuffPost Entertainment. He's the man behind multiple Johnson projects, as well as videos and documentaries for Oasis, Blink 182, Metallica, Ben Harper and Lit. In the "I Got You" visuals, Johnson is seen working through his song on public transit, in fields and even while skateboarding (tiny vinyl board, natch).
"My friend Emmett Malloy directed this video with me," Johnson told HuffPost Entertainment. "We shot it on an old wind up 16mm camera, that we used to shoot our surf films on. We drove around Oahu and made it up as we went. It was a fun day and hopefully that translates in the video."
And so it does -- take a look above.
Johnson is set to embark on the "From Here to Now to You" Tour, the proceeds of which will be donated to over 75 hand-picked charities through the All at Once Campaign. This year's organizations will be chosen for their work on sustainable local food and plastic-free projects, and the tour itself is designed to minimize its environmental impact. Open secret: Johnson has donated his tour profits to charitysince 2008.
"From Here to You to Know" is set to debut Sept. 17. The "I Got You" video will see its VH1 Top 20 broadcast premiere on Saturday at 9 am. More info is available at Johnson's VH1 artist page.

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