Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Oceanside Street Market [Every Thursday it goes on downtown. Normally we can't make it because our small group meets on that night, but since we are on break for the summer we were able to check it out. It was PACKED tonight. Maybe it is better in the winter when all the tourist go home...]

Christmas In July [This weekend Ryan and I will be celebrating Christmas in July. We really just wanted a reason to wear our Santa shirts during the summer :) We did get each other gifts, so I am sure there will be photos from the festivities. And lots of Christmas Music. And probably some fun festive treats.]

Upcoming ((Possible)) Vacations [We are trying to get some possible vacations in the works - YAY! In a couple weeks we will be heading to the Colorado River with friends. We are trying to work out a Hawaiian trip in the next couple months too, which would be AMAZING if we can swing it. And come on, no one takes enough vacations these days, do that?! Not to mention my padres coming out to visit in November when my dad has a convention in San Diego. And a trip back to the Mitten for Christmas. We have a busy next couple of months.]

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