Friday, July 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Days Off In The Middle Of The Week [Although the weather around here was craptastic (I think maybe 60, grey, and misty), at least I wasn't in the office. I was able to get quite a few chores done - like laundry, groceries, vacuuming, working out, etc. And I even got to sleep in on a random Wednesday.]

Smoothies [I have been making smoothies for breakfast now for a good few months. They are so tasty and a way to sneak in a few more servings of fruit for my hubby :). I haven't changed up the ingredients lately, but maybe I will start looking around on Pinterest for some new ideas.]

Work-Out Gear [Since I have been working out more and more, I am really loving my work-out attire. I don't have that much of it, which means I get to go shopping soon to pick up more. I love the bright colors and fun patterns that are out there. And I also love it when I find it on sale, haha.]

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